Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tons of ideas from Michael Kors's Facebook page

I'm getting really frustrated with all this Timeline business! My blogs' Facebook page still looks pathetic. I seriously do not know how to create a cover photo and profile photo for my blog because, with the new Timeline feature, I have to present my blogs as a brand. It's not a brand. It's just a silly blog and I'm just silly me!

So when I saw this cover photo of Michael Kors's FB page, I was really inspired:

And envious. He's got a million fans, folks. And counting. Topaz Horizon has 824 fans. So strange since I have about 45,000 page views every month! You have to start liking my page, guys!

Anyway, I like Michael Kors. A lot of it is because of Project Runway. Vince and I were watching a recent episode and he said, "How come when I watch the judges of this show, I believe them? I don't find the judges of the other franchises credible." Tee hee. Yep, I like the model-fashion designer-fashion editor team of Project Runway. It's the perfect combination. Heidi talks about how a woman will wear the outfit, Michael talks about the structure and design, and Nina talks about its appeal to the market. They got all bases covered, that team.

Now Michael also has his Facebook page covered. It looks really good. He knows how to tickle his fans with updates on his brand and his life. He gives fashion tips, he has celebrity looks, he gives a peek into his life, he shares his favorite quotes, he tags magazines and celebs (which of course helps him get more fans), and he always ask his fans their opinions.

Hmm. So that's how you get a million fans! Now I should plan my cover photo and daily updates! Thanks, Michael Kors!

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