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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who is the Top Anchor Home Chef? I found a very yummy way!

Now that I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom, I get invited to events that promote stuff like cooking, crafts-making, safety while driving, and basically stuff that are worlds away from the fashion and beauty events I used to attend.

I like this new phase. At the start, I found it very weird but now I find it fascinating! There's a whole wide world of fab events for wives and moms! And I don't need to put full-on makeup and blow dry my hair and wear excruciatingly high heels!

One such event I recently checked out was Anchor Home Chef Final Night. Yes, it was like a reality show that picked out the best recipes that reinvented ordinary food and used the Anchor product line. I didn't even know there was a contest like this! Had I known, I'd have totally joined! I'm kinda good in the kitchen so I think I have a fighting chance. Actually, I am very good in the kitchen. That's one of the reasons Vince married me!
But... after I tasted the winning recipe, I must admit the winner deserved the top Anchor Home Chef prize. But wait wait wait. I'm getting way ahead of my story! Here's the whole Anchor product showcase. I thought they only had milk, butter and cheese slices! There's cream cheese, culinary cream, and whipping cream, too!

I've known, used and loved Anchor butter for years and years. I remember my Mama singing the jingle when she'd serve sugar-sprinkled creamy butter on hot pan de sal for breakfast long, long ago. "Fresh Anchor butter!" I can hear her now and all I can think of is bright, happy mornings. Mama loved butter!

Anyway, the Anchor Home Chef campaign is all about promoting creativity in the kitchen. By using Anchor's premium products, men and women can create dishes using ordinary ingredients and make them ultra fabulous! I believe that, too!

There was wine...

... and cheese. But no one was really wining and cheesing because Anchor started the evening with a contest for all the guests. We were all asked to make a cake in a jar!

This bibingka cake was seriously amazing. At first, I thought it was going to be so-so but the sweetness of the butter cake and the saltiness of the salted egg cream cheese topped with the delicate nuttiness of the roasted coconut buttercream was divine. Divine!

Yes, Iñigo and I ate the cake. So we didn't get to participate in the contest! That bibingka cake was too good. I wanted to ask for more actually. I just got shy.

Here I am with hot mommy Jackie Go of Go! Jackie Go! and her baby Juro. He's busy munching on carrots. I don't know what my Iñigo was looking at. But this table was right beside the chefs' table so maybe Iñigo was looking at the chefs.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy 6th birthday, Topaz Horizon!

What a big month this is for me! I'm giving birth any day now and I'm celebrating this blog's 6th birthday! Check out my Facebook page's cover photo:

I actually started blogging in 2005, over at Friendster (do any of my readers still remember Friendster?). But I decided to go over to Blogger the following year. I had 20 visitors every day for 2 years, then it became 50-70 in 2008. Then my visits jumped to 200-300 in '09. Last year was my big year--that was when I finally hit an average of 1,000 visitors a day. Now I have about 45,000 page views a month.

Took me 6 years, folks. And I know I'd get more if I just promoted my blogs more, did more giveaways, did more SEOs, optimized, professionalized, etceterized! But... the plate is very full so I'll just let it grow organically. I'm happier this way!

I had also wanted to do major giveaways but I'm giving birth this month. I figured I won't be able to handle a new baby and a big contest at the same time. So we'll do a mega big huge one on our 7th year! Here's hoping you're still around by then!

I really do appreciate your readership, your support, your encouragement and your friendship. It's been absolutely amazing how loved you've made me and my family feel--from our wedding, my mother's death, my pregnancies, my adventures in marriage and motherhood, my rabbit's sickness and death, my victories big and small, and my defeats both silly and crushing, you've been there for me. You are all a great blessing. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tons of ideas from Michael Kors's Facebook page

I'm getting really frustrated with all this Timeline business! My blogs' Facebook page still looks pathetic. I seriously do not know how to create a cover photo and profile photo for my blog because, with the new Timeline feature, I have to present my blogs as a brand. It's not a brand. It's just a silly blog and I'm just silly me!

So when I saw this cover photo of Michael Kors's FB page, I was really inspired:

And envious. He's got a million fans, folks. And counting. Topaz Horizon has 824 fans. So strange since I have about 45,000 page views every month! You have to start liking my page, guys!

Anyway, I like Michael Kors. A lot of it is because of Project Runway. Vince and I were watching a recent episode and he said, "How come when I watch the judges of this show, I believe them? I don't find the judges of the other franchises credible." Tee hee. Yep, I like the model-fashion designer-fashion editor team of Project Runway. It's the perfect combination. Heidi talks about how a woman will wear the outfit, Michael talks about the structure and design, and Nina talks about its appeal to the market. They got all bases covered, that team.

Now Michael also has his Facebook page covered. It looks really good. He knows how to tickle his fans with updates on his brand and his life. He gives fashion tips, he has celebrity looks, he gives a peek into his life, he shares his favorite quotes, he tags magazines and celebs (which of course helps him get more fans), and he always ask his fans their opinions.

Hmm. So that's how you get a million fans! Now I should plan my cover photo and daily updates! Thanks, Michael Kors!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't forget to VOTE FOR ME in Ethan Allen's design challenge!

It's Monday! Just one more week before Ethan Allen announces the winner of their The One Ethan Allen Challenge! I'm excited and stressed out!!! And if you haven't voted for my bedroom design yet, please do!

To be honest, the Facebook likes account only for 10% of the total score so while I do want you to vote for me (and me alone!), I can be pretty magnanimous and not get mad if you vote for the other rooms, too. I'm joking. Of course I'll get mad! No, I'm kidding. It really is just 10% of the score so I'm more concerned with getting the judges' approval in the other criteria, which I really tried to meet. Here they are:

30% - Highlight of the One Ethan Allen piece
25% - Style (uniqueness, reflective of personality, creativity)
20% - Visual Impact
15% - Space Utilization
10% - Facebook Votes
100% - Total Score

Highlight of the One Ethan Allen piece was easy. As you can see from my bedroom set-up, the Jensen headboard is the central piece. I don't think anyone can miss that bed! It just dominates the space. So in this criteria, I think I have tough competition from Jane since she really did a great job highlighting the white armchair in her set-up.

I really designed my room around the bed:

As for the style criteria, I truly do believe the personal touches of photos, baby things, flowers, books added charm to the room. Of course, because I was designing for a family, the "personality" had to be toned down. The other rooms showed individuality better.

Visual impact category, I think I did really well here. While every room has its own fab look, my bedroom has the most comments about how the viewers liked the look, the style, and how they want to own it. That means the design triggered a response from people, a call to action of actually dreaming and wanting and perhaps even buying!

I'd like to give special thanks to my design consultants Sharon and Angel because they gave advice on how to create stronger impact. For example, they suggested that I use the mirrored chest instead of a little side table and to add a lamp on it because it will warm up the space.

Space utilization is again a category I think I'll ace. While my room is primarily a master's bedroom, it also has little pockets of space for the kids and for relaxation, like reading. It's a multi-functional space that doesn't look crowded and cluttery.

As for votes, well, I'm lagging waaaay behind there! And that's where you come in! Vote for me and please LIKE my bedroom! I really really really want that gorgeous tufted headboard!

Thanks to everyone who's voted for me!

April 3 UPDATE: I won!

Friday, March 16, 2012

In it to win it! Why I just had to join The One Ethan Allen Challenge

Remember when I wrote about this bed?

Since then, Vince and I have been roaming Manila's furniture shops, department stores and bed boutiques looking for the perfect tufted headboard. We've found a few but they never did quite meet our standards. So when Ethan Allen announced that they had a design contest and a tufted headboard was one of the prizes, it was kismet!

Ethan Allen's rules were simple:
1. Choose one piece from their collection and highlight it.
2. Create a concept about how any space--big or small--can be made lovely with the right furniture and accessories.
3. Design an entire room around the chosen piece. I can use other Ethan Allen pieces and my own furniture and accessories.

Of course you all know what that one Ethan Allen piece I chose! I chose the Jensen tufted headboard!

Here's the concept I came up with (special thanks to the advice and active participation of my wonderful husband, the one with the real taste in design—Vince Sales!):

This is the whole setting up at the Pioneer showroom:
My little wall!
These guys are so fast and efficient!
That's Angel of Ethan Allen arranging my sheets and pillows.
Yes, those are really mine!
I brought my steamer so I can smooth out the creases.
My pet peeve is wrinkly sheets and pillows!
Last few touches!

And here's the result!
Except for the major pieces and rug, everything in this set-up—from cradle
and sheets to flowers and rocking horse—is really my property!
I think I want that tufted armchair and mirrored chest...
These are my design consultants, Sharon and Angel.

Do you like it? There are more photos in The One Ethan Allen Challenge Facebook page. You can also check out the other challengers' rooms. They're also nice!

But there can only be one winner!

Please vote for MY room! Make sure to like my bedroom in the album called OFFICIAL ENTRIES. There you can vote for my room (yes, my room, ha!). So pleeeeeeeease VOTE FOR ME by "liking" my room! Thank you so much!

UPDATE: I won! Hooray!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I'm scared of the BlackBerry

My phone fell twice in the toilet last year so it's been dying on me. I've been asking people on Facebook what phone to get for months now. I always get very passionate answers on why I should get the phone they think I should get. I noticed that people in the creative fields (arts, publishing, etc) said, "iPhone!" and the rest of the world said, "BlackBerry!" Since I'm a magazine editor and a writer, the answer is obvious but I still hemmed and hawed.

Before I could decide on it, my office decided for me and gave me a BlackBerry. I think it was ready for pick up by November. But I only remembered to claim it last week. That's almost 2 months of forgetting I have a new phone. And now it's been an entire week since I got the phone. Finally, the Third World Nerd took it out of the box and charged the battery a few hours ago. I still haven't touched it.

It's not that I'm tech-challenged. Part of the reason is I'm really not a phone person. I have two phones--for my Globe (personal line that I've had since 2003) and for my Sun (free from my work). People who know me or work with me get exasperated with me because I seldom answer phone calls, I rarely reply to text messages and I always misplace my phones. For the entire month of November, I forgot to charge my Globe phone. Then I forgot where I kept it for the whole of December until Vince found it under a pile of papers last week.

My phones are almost always on silent so when I misplace them (which is often because my toddler plays with them!), I never could find the damn things. And I never feel the need to look for my phones when they're missing. And when they run out of battery power, I forget to charge them. On weekdays, I almost always ignore my phone after 6pm. On weekends, my phones are forgotten.

But now I have a new BlackBerry. And I am not excited to use it because everyone tells me, "You'll LOVE it! You'll be so ADDICTED to it! You CAN'T LIVE without it!" That enthusiasm makes me very apprehensive. And now I'll confess why.

Late last year, I became addicted to Twitter and Facebook. To my horror, I found that I spend 2-3 hours just refreshing for updates, replying, commenting, sharing, RTing. That's 2-3 hours every single day. That's 2-3 hours a day that I could've spent reading a book, reading the magazines (a year's subscription to Vanity Fair, Glamour and Allure!) my husband bought for me as a birthday gift, writing, blogging, cooking healthy meals, putting on lotion, deep conditioning my hair, doing my own mani-pedi, seeing friends, sleeping. Sleeping! I could use those extra 2-3 hours of sleep every day dammit! But no. I spend those precious hours on the social networks.

It would've been okay if I earned money from all the Tweeting and Facebooking. But I don't. If you noticed, I don't blog that often anymore. Blame my addiction to social networking. Blogging makes me money and I've neglected it just because I'm stalking people (really, that's what social networks are for). I have to stop. Obviously. I'm not disciplined enough and it's controlling my life.

So just as I resolved to wean myself from Tweets and FB updates, the BlackBerry arrives and everyone says I can now Tweet, update my FB, check my email anywhere and everywhere. "Isn't that so great?!" they trill. That's like giving a recovering alcoholic a free pass to a fully stocked bar.

I'm in trouble.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please report this Facebook profile

Today, I received an email from a very concerned reader, Amina, who told me that someone named Jamie Palanca is using my photos on her Facebook account and passing them off as her own.

Since I wasn't friends with this woman, I couldn't see her other photos but Amina told me that in the other photos, Ms. Palanca claimed Vito as her own, except that she named him Savannah Lauren. And as you can also see from her comment below, she also claimed Vince as her husband.
Talagang angkinin ang asawa't anak ko, ha!

I am not very upset. This is something unexpected, after all. That's one of the consequences of putting your life all over the Internet. I was telling my friend Jill that it's kinda funny, kinda creepy, kinda flattering (although why did she use that unflattering photo?!) but mostly very sad and pathetic. So, guys, don't worry. I'm cool!

My cousin Diana pointed out, however, that while it's great I'm not blowing my top over this, she said that Ms. Palanca is an online seller. If she happens to be an unscrupulous person (and she very well may be because if she can lie about this then she can lie about anything), then she might be running off with people's money. And then what if a swindled customer saw me or my family somewhere and gets angry and attacks us? Put that way, that is a very scary scenario.

Well, folks, please do me a HUGE favor and report this person. Kindly go to her Facebook page (click here) and, on the left side of the profile, somewhere under the profile pic, click on "Report/Block" and say this person is pretending to be me. Thank you!

P.S. Please don't post harsh words on her wall. I know some of you are very protective of me (thanks!). I think it's a very sad thing she had to do this so let's just wish she finds a great husband and make gorgeous babies and have a fabulous life so that she wouldn't need to pretend to be me!

P.P.S. I wouldn't have known about this if it weren't for Amina. Thank you! You know, despite this, I'm still very glad I blog because I have people all over the world who truly care for me and my family. I am very blessed!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

It's all Rajo's fault

But let me start at the very beginning.

Since Mulberry designed a bag for It Girl Alexa Chung, I've always wanted to get my hands on the Alexa.

My friend Nikki proposed to buy one for me last Christmas when she and her family went to Hong Kong. But it's USD 1150. That's quite a bit of money, that Alexa, so I said, "Thanks but (sob) no thanks!" Then I figured I'm sure to find a similar shape here somewhere.

And I did find one in Aldo. It's the same shape and I was actually about to buy but I got very sick and so stayed home to work (Yes! No rest for the weary!) I also had my browser open to Twitter. One Tweet from fashion designer Rajo Laurel intrigued me. He tweeted that he just had the most lovely thing with a link to his blog on Stylebible (click here).

Which is how I discovered the Cambridge satchel! Rajo described it so lovingly and with such delight that I wanted one!

But I thought, "When will I go to London? With an infant in my life, not for a long while!" A few minutes later, Schu tweeted that they are the official distributors here in the Philippines! Schu's Ruby Gan sent me their Facebook album and... Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in love. With the yellow bag and the price!

My only problem with the yellow is if I have my initials stamped in gold, the letters will disappear. So I'm thinking of getting red. But my heart belongs to the yellow! Maybe no initials na lang. Still thinking about those initials. Maybe I shouldn't personalize so I can pass it down to Vito or a daughter one day.

Grabe, this Twitter, ha. Parang mapapa-gastos ako nang di oras with all the stuff I find (follow me!). Anyway, if you want to order your very own Cambridge satchel, visit Schu's Facebook page for details.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hair hair everywhere!

Vince: "Hey, did you cough up a hair ball?"

Me: "Waaaaaah! I'm sorry my hair's all over the place!"
Every morning, I wake up to this. More fall off in the shower!
And when I say it's all over the place, I mean, it's EVERYWHERE. It's embarrassing. My hair line's receding and I have little bald spots by my temples and the crown. This postpartum hair loss is alarming. I know I already talked about this a few posts ago but there is no happy resolution anytime soon. Even my beloved hairstylist Louis Phillip Kee told me while we were lined up at the Zara sale, "Women really do lose their hair from 12 to 16 months after giving birth." Great. That's just great!

Meanwhile, P&G Beauty sent me this little package:

News of my hair disaster must have reached them! And I quickly picked up this bottle:

That bright golden sticker just yelled at me, "98% less hair fall within 14 days!" Aha! I knew it. I knew it. That mystery shampoo I was talking about in my previous post on the same unfortunate topic is indeed Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control. Well, I know I didn't put my guess in the post but the blindfolded woman looked exactly like Claudine Barretto and that just gave it away.

So I just wanted to tell you that if you're also suffering from hair fall, maybe you'd like to give Pantene a try. Who knows? You just might win a trip for two to Boracay!!!

First, you have to try out the shampoo. Second, you have to take a photo of your transformed hair (yep, the Pantene promise is transformed hair in 2 weeks!). Third, like their Facebook page (it's here!). Fourth, upload that fabulous photo of yours so that other girls can see how gorgeous your hair is (that photo to the left was my glossy hair when I was pregnant. Sigh.). And last, cross your fingers and hope you win a trip for two to the absolutely amazing Discovery Shores Boracay!

Contest mechanics here: I Commit to Change.

*The Pantene promise of less hair fall is for those who lose hair due to breakage. If you are suffering from hair fall due to stress and hormones (like I am!), we’ll just have to wait it out. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

I won a $20 gift card!

I just won an Urban Originals' Facebook contest! All I had to do was post two links on their wall--one an Urbanog shoe and the other the designer shoe it copied. Easy! This was what I posted:
Valentino Couture Bow d'Orsay peep-toe pump

Miss Me Jocelyn Bow Tie pep-toe pump

And today I got this message:

And maybe next week or so, I'll use my prize! That gift card can buy two pairs of shoes if I'm lucky. And despite certain events recently that made me wanna scream my head off (and I did actually, last Wednesday. Sigh.), I do still believe I'm a very lucky girl.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Check out my other blogs!

Happy Monday, y'all! I haven't been updating here because all my updates are in Topaz Mommy and Beauty For A Living. I wrote about my surprise baby shower, gifts from NIVEA Baby and my 4D ultrasound results; and also the latest offerings from Kenneth Cole, Revlon, Ferragamo and LUSH. So if you'd like to know what's up with me lately, do visit my other blogs. Thanks!

You can also join my blog's Facebook page. Just click on the badge on the sidebar!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Meet the winners of this blog's Facebook page raffle!

There are benefits to reading this blog, people. Most say they get entertained, some say they are moved and cry, while others get to win prizes! Now, if you're a fan of Topaz Horizon's Facebook page, then you know I held a raffle for the first 150 likers. These were the prizes:
Kenneth Cole overnight bag

Body Shop Sweet Lemon line

NARS eye shadow and lip pencil

Tani Villamora won the bag. Very lucky girl! I said on the FB wall that it was a Kenneth Cole Reaction; it's actually a Kenneth Cole New York.

Kristine Dianne Millet won the Body Shop loot. She was super delighted!

Mina Gonzales-Politte won the NARS stuff but since she's based in the US (and I specified that the winners have to personally claim their prizes from me), she graciously said that the next name on the list can have her prize.
So Bea B. Panti-Gonzales won the makeup by default. However, she hasn't claimed her prize and I really have become too busy now to go meet her so I don't know what to do.

I met up with these beautiful ladies in Red Mango at Greenbelt 3 so that I can get to meet my readers. I chose the yogurt place because I've heard about how yummy the froyo there is and I wanted something healthy so I wouldn't need a Lipofuze after I give birth!

Anyway, it was so nice that we hit it off immediately, like we'd known each other for years! Well, they have an advantage since they've been reading my blog so I will confess that I felt a little shy to meet them. If you're a regular reader, you'd know I'm a bit of an anti-social most times. But I must say Tani and Tin made me feel so comfy that we were soon sharing stories--from heartbreaks to Brazilian wax!

Congratulations, Tani and Tin! Thanks for reading my blog and for making the time to meet up with silly old me. Enjoy your prizes!