Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm still here!

Halloo halloo halloo!

Due to insistent public demand (on Twitter hehe), I am going to pop back in here and say, "Dearest readers, I am still alive!" Nope, I haven't given birth yet either. But, boy, every day already feels like labor day because it takes so much work for me to get from Point A to Point B, even if A is the bed and B is the bathroom (that's like 3 feet apart). And in this horrid heat!

So my last post was almost 10 days ago. That's like eons in blogging! Here's what's been happening:
  • We had to stop the presses because Brad and Angelina got engaged. Or, rather, Brad finally got her a ring since sources say he actually proposed over Christmas. So imagine the huge hullabaloo of pulling out pages, writing, editing, choosing photos, etc for the May issue of the Hollywood celebrity magazine I edit, while the production and printing teams were breathing down our necks.
  • It wasn't just work deadlines that were killing me. I also had an article to write for Good Housekeeping and sponsored posts for my blogs. I'm not complaining, though. Well, I know I keep complaining but in my heart I'm glad. 
  • I also fired the useless yaya/maid just before Holy Week so it's been really difficult minding the toddler, the house, the career. But ya know what? Life ain't easier but it's so much better!
  • I was also caught in a flurry of activities in preparation for the house renovation. Yep, we're such crammers. We decided--super last minute!--to fix up the house and add storage space because of the new baby (we can't wait to see you, Wiggle!)
  • I've also been crying a lot because I've been elbow-deep in Vito's old clothes, taking out kimonos, mittens, booties and cloth diapers for Wiggle. Each item holds a beloved memory! I've been overwhelmed with emotion. If I'm like this with baby clothes, I don't know what I'd do when the kids go off to college or get married! 
  • In the middle of all that, Vince and I quietly celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and the 13th anniversary of our first kiss. It was a most beautiful day! But I won't talk about it. Let me just say I'm more in love than ever.
  • We also suddenly decided to go to Sofitel. This heat is unbearable. So the boys soaked in the pool. I wanted to but... well, that's a story for another post!
I'll try to blog more often this week, here and on Topaz Mommy. I have so much kwento! Enjoy your Sunday! Try not to melt or boil!


  1. Yehey! Hahaha! Missed reading your posts though... Sorry to hear that you fired your maid in the middle of everything right now... For sure makakahanap din kayo ng helper...

  2. Love and miss you, Neighbor! Talk about 10 days being eons in the blogging world. Makes my blog seem like a dinosaur, eep!

  3. Belated happy anniversary to you and the hubby, Frances!

  4. Hope your delivery goes well, Frances! Take care!


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