Sunday, May 27, 2012

Viral videos weekend

Everyone I know seems to be talking about the "Call Me Maybe" vid of Manila's most beautiful people so I'm glad Karrots blogged about it because I had no idea what all the fuss is about!

Well, all I can say is Georgina is head and shoulders above all the other girls. And that's saying a lot because all the girls are gorgeous, but Georgina, grabe, ang ganda-ganda niya! Too bad the video was so dark. It would've been nice to see their gorgeousness in all their glorious detail!

While that was a fun video, this next one was what really made my weekend. It's also a lip-dub vid but this one had a wonderful purpose: Get the girl to marry him! It is so sweet and fun and happy and full of LOVE!

When he said, "You've given me a lifetime of happiness. Will you let me spend the rest of my life with you?" I so know what he means. Vince did that to me. In the first year we spent together, in the first month even, he already changed my life. Even if we hadn't ended up together, he'd still have given me a lifetime of happiness. So being together all these years, with all the laughter, the adventures, the love, the kids, my life is absolutely filled with happiness. Thanks, Vince!


  1. Haha LOVE that first much positive energy..made me smile. I use to dance by myself on the livingroom floor to that song:) LIKE CRAZY

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    have a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

    1. Hello there! I used to dance a lot, too! Then got busy with grown-up things. Then I became a mommy and now I'm dancing again! Life's good, isn't it? =)

      Thanks for stopping by, Maria!


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