Friday, August 31, 2012

My different kinds of scars

Yes, I'm going to talk about scars in this post because I was given a tube of Hiruscar, the scar solution from Switzerland. Warning, may mga kadiri parts! But because I'm vain, I'm going to spare you visuals haha. So here goes: My list of my different kinds of scars!

My stupid scars
We all have stupid scars. Mine happened when I was 14 and absolutely in love with our neighbor, Jay, who wasn't in love with me. Not even close. Every afternoon, I'd hop on a bike and cycle up and down his street, in front of his house, hoping for a glimpse. One glorious day, I finally saw him coming out of their gate. I was so excited, I didn't see a big stone on the pavement. So sumemplang ako. The seat of the bike flew out and the exposed seat post almost deflowered me! Buti na lang it embedded itself in my right thigh instead!

That was one ugly wound and my Papa wept over it. "Hindi na pang-Miss Universe ang hita mo!" Of course I never told him why I got that horrible wound kasi malamang binatukan niya ako at sinabihan ng, "Ang landi mo kasing bata ka! Buti nga sa 'yo!"

I should be grateful that the scar is now just a shadowy inch. I didn't get a keloid or anything bad. It's hardly visible. What a relief!

My medical scars 
When I was 15 and living in an orphanage in Calaca, Mindoro (that's a story for another day!), boils grew in my left kili-kili. The medical term is hidradenitis suppurativa. Basically, my hair follicles got infected since I used a rusty razor (I couldn't find new razors in the orphanage). I tried to ignore them but every day, dumadami at lumalaki sila. After two weeks, the boils got so bad, I couldn't lower my arm na. As in, para along naka-perpetual royal wave! The little Calaca health center didn't know what to do anymore so I had to go back to Manila. I went straight from the bus station to Manila Doctors Hospital.

At the ER, I was looking at my poor namamagang kili-kili when the doctor came in. OMG. Kamukha lang naman niya si Aga Muhlach! He said, "Let's look at your armpit." Syempre, two weeks na akong hindi nagshi-shave! I die. I die. The guy didn't even blink his beautiful eyes. He just took a scalpel, sliced open my armpit, drained out all the pus, Betadine-d the whole area, slapped some gauze on it and sent me away.

I should be grateful that the scars are in my armpit so they're hidden away. The skin had been so traumatized that it had darkened and the scars had become keloids. Thankfully, his incisions were tiny so they're just these little bumps. Still, I'll never ever get to star in a deodorant commercial!

More scars after the jump...

My "I survived!" scars
No real big story here but Vince says this scar belongs to this category because I survived...the Senate! When I was 24, I worked for a lady senator (who's still a senator today because she lost the presidential and vice-presidential races). Ma'am was a workaholic and she expected everyone in her staff to be just like her. Now, I happened to have been bitten by a mosquito on my left leg. I scratched it and it got infected. I treated it with topical antibiotics but it wouldn't go away.

I asked Ma'am if I could visit a doctor. Ma'am said, "No. Don't you understand that we have to serve the people?" Soon, my mosquito bite became a huge inflamed abscess the size of a golf ball. I asked Ma'am if I could go to a doctor. Ma'am said, "No. The needs of the people first before our own." Finally, my leg had gotten so infected, my lymph nodes sa singit swelled up and may fever na ako. This time, hindi na ako nagpaalam kay Ma'am. I went straight to a doctor who popped that horrible abscess with a sharp scalpel and a spoon. Yes, a spoon. She had to scoop out all the pus. Gross!

I should be grateful that I didn't lose my leg. I do have an awful dark scar from that ordeal. Lesson learned? Yes, we have to put others' needs before our own but not all the frikkin' time!

My mommy scars
To be honest, all the scars above should just be filed under "Stupid Scars." Think about it.

Now the scars under this category are noble and beautiful and loved. Yes, I love my mommy scars. Two pregnancies have resulted to numerous stretch marks all over my stomach, waist and thighs. They are angry and ugly but I am proud of them.

I am grateful for the baby boys that my body carried and though my skin suffered as a result, I have never felt so beautiful!

However, proud as I am of my stretch marks, they are fast disappearing because of Hiruscar. I've been using Hiruscar for a month now--on my bicycle accident scar, my keloid-y armpit scars, my Ma'am scar and my stretch marks. I've seen the most improvement on the stretch marks. That's not a surprise since Hiruscar works on scars not older than two years but I'm very impressed. Considering that the Hiruscar promise is best results after 12 weeks' use, I'm really impressed that I can already see results in just 4 weeks!

I like that the gel is light and easily absorbed. It also smells good. I also like that the ingredients (aloe vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Allium Cepa Extract, MPS, allantoin) are all natural. Of course what I like best is it works! Walang biro. Even if they say that Hiruscar works best on scars less than two years of age, I'll still apply it on the scars I described above. I have a feeling it will still work kasi yung Ma'am  scar ko, parang it's lightening!

What I don't like is I have to massage the gel onto the scars 3-4x a day. Medyo hassle. But hey, it works so I can't complain! I want to try this out on my acne scars next!

You can buy Hiruscar at Mercury Drug, Watsons and South Star Drugstore. The 5g tube costs P319 and the 20g tube is P852. Mas sulit yung 20g tube and I do recommend the bigger tube kasi nga you have to apply it several times a day.

For more information, just go to Hiruscar's Facebook page and like, like, like! I do!

*images from Zombie37, ColourboxWormsandGermsBlog


  1. I have to ask again, you mean it works on stretchmarks?????

    1. It does on mine! But remember, my marks are very new. Pula pa nga sila. My derma said fresh red stretchmarks are still treatable. When they become white, nothing topical will work daw. Laser na ang katapat. So if your marks are newly acquired (within the last 2 years), try it! Mura lang naman so what do you have to lose, diba? =)

  2. I like how you're not afraid to touch on the unpleasant things in your past, but without wallowing in self-pity or sounding maudlin about it. That's something that no scar cream could do :)

    1. Hey thanks! I've never been the self-pitying kind of person =D Life is short! Live, love, let go!

  3. I love the bicycle scar story & the ala Aga Muhlach MD :D Thank you for sharing this, I have this scar on my left breast when I had to undergo an incision due to fibrocystic cyst (na pwede naman pala pabayaan) , anyway it left me an ugly keloid scar... :( I want to try this although this scar is more than 3 years na.

  4. One of the most enjoyed blog reads I've had aside from Ms. Tina Tagle's posts. :) This is so sincere and real! I too have mommy scars, wala naman akong pangarap mag model at wala ring "k"...pero everyone wants to be makinis diba? haha. The worst darkening comes when the last trimester hits, every singit for me becomes darker. So far, I have also tried:


    I also have nasty razor scars on my legs, recently, had an event, was so in a hurry, I wounded myself. huhu

    My colleague SWEARS by this: Avon's Anew 360 White Serum
    Apply to the kili kili, scar or wherever your dark spots are. She said 3 days lang it showed results.
    I'm gonna try it next week. :)

    Another short-cut: GAP (Glycolic Acid Peel), not so expensive daw in mid-range skin centers.

    Thanks for posting this, makes mommies like me know that we're not alone. :)

    1. Seriously Anew?!? I have Anew 360 White Serum in my cabinet!!! I will try. Thanks Mommy Tricia =D

  5. Ms. Frances....I swear di ako matigil sa kakatawa while reading your post. Just like you, I did have the ugly thing in my underarm nung 16 pa lang ako (note sure pero HS yun). My family dubbed my armpit as 'HUNDRED ISLANDS" because of it. Thankfully after taking medicines it healed but left dark spots...Hindi na kasing ganda ng armpit ni Andrea Corr ko yung akin. Artistahin kasi yung sa kanya...I used cebo de macho for my other nawala naman karamihan... :)

    Keep posting po! Thanks for sharing.

    1. LOL I will try that cebo de macho on my stubborn old scars!

  6. LOL over the stupid scar stories!

  7. I have the ugliest stretch marks in the world! Well, just exaggerating. But, hanggang sa may alak-alakan meron, ang haba! And my OB didn't notice yung tahi dahil sa sobrang dami ng marks! Wala ng paglagyan! Pero, like you I'm not super affected din. I'm glad mas na-relieve ako after reading this. Thanks for sharing!


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