Thursday, August 16, 2012

Which Cuzo bag should I buy?

I just discovered Cuzo, a fabulous Proudly Pinoy bag label! Remember when I used to sell bags? I was gunning for Cuzo levels! Well, actually, I was thinking Hermes haha but that was in my outer-space dreams. In my realistic dreams, I was thinking of selling bags the way Cuzo's doing.

To those former customers who kept asking me to make satchels in different colors, I present to you Cuzo's adorable satchels:

But since I have had my fill of satchels (haha!), I'm more interested in a nylon tote. You see, I walk to work and my bags aren't faring well in this horrid rain. The cloth ones get drenched and the leather ones are getting ruined! So I was thinking of buying a Longchamp Le Pliage but it seems everywhere I look, everyone has a Longchamp and I'm really not into blending in with the masses.

So when I saw these fabulous nylon hobos on Cuzo, I got super excited!




They're called the Jess Coat Nylon Bag. The photos don't do it any justice. At all! I got the brown bag for my mother-in-law and it is super fabulous! The shape is so classic, the handle is comfortable, there are so many pockets inside and its bottom is protected by leather. Truly a fantastic bag! When Mom saw the bag, she loved it, too!

So now I want to buy a new Jess Coat bag for myself. Which should I get: basic black, goes-with-anything blue or that amazing green?

There are more bags at Cuzo's website. Shop shop shop!

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  1. I have the Carla Foldabale Tote! It's super great! Love the Mica Tote too!

  2. ohhhh,, they are sooo fab! i want one too.. :)

  3. thank you for blogging about Cuzo Bags. I really appreciate it :)

  4. i vote for the blue one! would love to get one for myself too hihi :D

  5. I bought the satchel because of this blog! haha! :) Please post photos of the hobos if you find the time... the wesite's photos aren't very helpful.

    If you want to see pics of my blue Anne satchel, there are some on my blog! :)


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