Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meeting Zac Efron tonight

Uh, no. That wouldn't be me. The lucky girls of OK! will! My staff is so lucky. They get to meet and talk to Hollywood stars, the most recent ones being Ian Somerhalder, Adam Levine and now Zac Efron. I gotta say it, these guys are so handsome! In another lifetime, yeah, maybe I'd be first in line but I'm a mommy now so I stay home and avoid the screaming, shrieking masses of fans.

OK! had a contest this week giving away tickets to Zac's Penshoppe fan convention tonight. All the readers had to do was post a photo of themselves on OK!'s Facebook page with their favorite OK! feature on Zac.

OK!'s readers are soooo adorable, I swear!

Honestly, I didn't realize we've given Zac tons of exposure. In my head, all we ever talk about is Brangelina, TomKat and Robsten. To everyone going to Zac's fancon, good luck!

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  1. Thank you, OK! Philippines. Good thing you didn't go, Frances. The event started very late. Had to wait a long time. And the fans were shrieking alright. :) Kids as young as 6 were screaming Zac Efron's name. But it still felt good to feel all that energy and love for Zac. Tito Boy didn't ask Zac how he keeps fit and what he usually eats. ;)


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