Friday, December 28, 2012

Dreaming of a new look for 2013

For the house, not me!

I'm getting tired of our blue walls. I love them, make no mistake, but after 5 years of living with them, I am ready for a new color. Or a non-color like gray or white.

I was browsing through fab online magazine and instantly fell in love with these stark yet cozy, elegant rooms:

All that light! So amazing. It's like a photo box!

I do admit that I do love color a wee bit too much to just go black/white/gray. I have a pink Christmas tree, for heaven's sake! So I'm pretty sure I'm going to add pops of color here and there. But I do want white walls now. Or gray. Hmm. Still can't decide.

The truth is I want a non color because I take most of my photos inside the house. Me, my kids, my products. And I always have to color correct everything because everything takes on a bluish tinge: our skin, our clothes, our hair, the products! I want to look like a human being, not a Smurf haha.

What's your home makeover plan this 2013?

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  1. I was going to suggest gray when I read your first sentence, and then I read the next one. Hahaha! Taupe would be nice too. :)
    Home makeover for 2013? I'm saving it for our imaginary forever house.

    1. Taupe is the color of the bedroom. Bored of it na haha White we go!

  2. Oh my. We have the same thought. I was thinking of white or light gray. I had the green and orangey brown in our living and dining since 2002. Time for a new look.

    1. Ya. It's just paint! If we don't like it, then paint over it once more =)


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