Monday, December 17, 2012

Hot days call for cold desserts

This has got to be the hottest Christmas season in living memory.

Whenever I hear that traditional song, "Malamig ang simoy ng hangin," I feel...

(a) horrible that the planet is truly suffering global warming,

(b) sad that my children will not understand what cold Decembers are unless we go to another country maybe, and

(c) really old since that song is now about an ancient time when Decembers were actually cold!

We've been comforting ourselves with ice cream. There's tubs of it in the freezer and when we go out, even more ice cream!

Vito calls it, "I cream!"

Don't worry! I didn't give IƱigo any ice cream. He did chase after my cone of melting choco creaminess. Poor baby!

How about you? How do you beat the heat?

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  1. Well, we must be lucky because it's super windy here in Davao!


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