Saturday, January 26, 2013

Plans went awry

Crazy busy January. This was not how I imagined my January. I thought I'd be a housewife—cooking, fixing up the house, organizing, going to the playground with the kids, going on romantic dates with the husband.

I did do all the above plus met unbelievable weekly (sometimes daily!) deadlines for magazines, the newspaper column, websites, blogs. Plus meetings with clients. Plus events. Plus prayer meetings. Plus dates with friends. Plus being with family.

I am no longer sleeping. I am busier now than when I was employed!

I should be happy. And I am! It feels so good to be writing again! And it feels so good to the ego to be so wanted, you know?

But this was not how I imagined my January. I didn't imagine (or want) to be busy. I thought I'd be a housewife! I planned on being a donya! Pa-parlor-parlor lang, ladies' lunch with my friends that I never see, do crafting, finally read the many books I've been buying over the years, finally read the magazines I subscribe to, bake desserts, take classes in this and that, do a Kapitolyo eating tour with Vince, visit museums with the kids, travel with my boys, mani-pedi, massage, yoga... Leisurely life lang naman ang plan ko for 2013! Been busy since 1999 dammit. I've earned my rest!

Must reassess things.

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  1. I can totally relate. I quit my full-time job to go freelance two years ago, and I thought I would become a lady of leisure at least for a couple of months before having to seek out work. But both my ex-employer and an ex-client asked me to freelance for them the week after my last day on the job! So there I was running around like a headless chicken, getting up at 6am to write in my pajamas and ending the day at 11pm, wondering where it was written that freelancers have more time. It's fun though once you get your groove. Welcome to freelancing life!


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