Sunday, January 20, 2013

What yummy color should I get?

I have a ton of sponsored posts to do but this isn't one of them. Yep, instead of working, I am online shopping. Uh oh.

I just bought 2 pairs of flats from The Ramp Crossings. I liked my online shopping experience with them! Easy navigation, many payment options, really fast delivery. I think I will buy more flats from them. Yes, flats. I gave away some of my heels recently and am in the process of giving away more. I decided that my life now is to be lived in flats so I'm freeing up space in the shoe closet so I can buy more flats.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

My next online shopping destination is Zalora. I mean, really, who can ignore Zalora when they are on this huge advertising blitz?! They're everywhere: blog ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads. Crazy. So here's what I want: a phone case for my Blackberry. Haha! I knooooow. I'm soooo boring! I'm in the process of simplifying my life, remember? So no mega-shopping for stuff. But I do need a phone case. And I found Paperthinks. I love it!

So what color should I get?


I'm also eyeing their iPad case. I need one for my iPad3. That's what Vince got me for my birthday but I haven't been able to use it because Vito's addicted to the iPad. If I use it, he grabs it and then he won't stop and then I'll take it away from him and then he'll cry and then... So I just never use it! But with my new status as freelance writer, I'll have to. I'd rather bring the iPad to meetings rather than the heavy MacBook! So I think I'll get me this:

What do you think??? Has anyone here tried Zalora? How's the shopping experience?

*all photos from Zalora


  1. Green kaya? So it would stand out IF you have a lot of orange stuff in your bag na.

  2. Zalora's hassle-free, too! LBC delivers, so it's guaranteed to arrive on time. My orders typically arrive 2 days after payment, and I live in Davao. :-)

    1. Oooh! Okay! I'm excited to shop now! =) Thanks, Maan!

  3. get the orange Ms. Frances! Mas madaling makita ang phone mo if ever mamisplace and that's your favorite color di ba?

  4. Aww, Lorie and Araceli! You really are longtime readers. You still know my favorite color! I do love orange but a lot of my things are actually pink. Everyone thinks I'm a pink girl. ANd yes, that's my second favorite color =)

  5. I love the pink and you can match it with the Pink Ipad case. By the way Ms. Frances, does Ramp Crossings ships in Singapore? Thanks.

  6. I've shopped at Zalora a couple of times now. What I love about them the most is their hassle-free return policy. When I bought shoes, they were delivered in 2 days, I checked the fitting once they go here. And when I saw na they don't fit, I simply return it back and order a smaller/bigger pair. Or if I change my mind, no problem rin! Walang ganiyan na actual store in the Metro as far as I know. Kaya I like online shopping better!

  7. I agree with Roxanne. The best part about Zalora is their fast shipping and hassle-free 30 day return policy. It gives you confidence talaga, especially if the color or the fit isn't what you have in mind when you bought it. Regarding color, I know you like orange a lot but the green looks so yummy. it'll be a great contrast to your wardrobe, I think.

  8. I just ordered from Zalora last Wednesday and I got my package on Saturday. I had a few questions with some of their products and decided to call their hotline before ordering. They were very helpful, accommodating, and gave me the correct information I needed. Easy payment terms as well. Zero hassle :)

  9. I shopped three items at Zalora and paid via Paypal. Got my package the next day. Great shopping experience! :)

  10. I prefer shopping over at Multiply! :) I have yet to try Zalora again. Not too impressed with their product lineup before!


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