Saturday, February 23, 2013

From my column photo shoots

In theory, my column in the Manila Bulletin comes out every Friday (did you get yesterday's paper???). In practice, heaven knows when it actually gets published haha. It really depends on the news and the ads. Say, if something really amazing happens (it's always amazing, never tragic, since my column is in the fashion section), then my column gets bumped off. Same thing happens when a big ad comes along.

So to those who buy the Friday paper and see no Behind the Scenes by Frances Amper Sales, please don't think I'm making it all up haha!

I'm putting a few photos from my past shoots:
This is from our photo shoot of celebrity stylist Alyanna Martinez. The column came out in the January 31 edition. You can read it online here. Funny because the title of the piece is "Style & Beauty Authority" but online it says "Beauty & Authority." Wonder what happened there.

This is for the Kate Torralba shoot. We shot this at About A Chair shop and we had so much fun with Kate and Iñigo hamming it up on the chairs. Iñigo is useful haha because he's the one the photographer uses to test the light and focus and stuff.

This column came out yesterday. It was an entire spread filled with all of Kate's favorite things: necklaces, rings, earrings, bags, shoes, perfume, nail polish, makeup brushes, makeup, nail polish! The photos of favorite things only come out in the paper so do try to buy Bulletin on Fridays. 

Strange that this column didn't come out online, though. Wonder what happened there.

This is for my feature on Cristina Gomez, the elegant and refined social editor of Lifestyle Asia magazine. She is sophistication personified! Her shoot was fun and comfortable since we did the shoot at her brother's house. Iñigo had a lot of fun there. This feature isn't out yet so do watch for it!


  1. Pareho tayong bitbit ang anak sa shoot! I'm compiling all his photos with celebs. Haha

  2. Your son is such a cutie pie! I don't Cristina Gomez personally but I do know her brother who is such a sweetie :) What an exciting job you have!

    1. Arlu is such a nice man! I met him just at the shoot and we hit it off instantly =) He and his partner (see guy playing with Iñigo above) are so cute together pa =D


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