Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Best bedsheets ever! Ever!!!

I've been sleeping in luxury for a while now. Actually, my whole family has been! All because of Butterfly Dreams. Just before Christmas, the luxe linen brand from Hong Kong emailed me to say they wanted to send me bedsheets. I was so surprised! Vince said, "They must've seen our ratty sheets."

Haha, you know, in our defense, we actually have a nice collection of sheets. But I did notice that whenever I post photos of my kids on the blogs, and the kids are on the bed, we happen to always have the striped sheets! And, yeah, those are old.

But now we have brand new sheets and they are the best sheets we've ever lain on. Ever!

We got a queen size set. That includes a flat sheet (350 thread count!) in white cotton, and a fitted sheet and two pillow cases in the signature Swankysuede. We also got a duvet cover (our duvet is from Rustan's, if you're asking) and now it feels like we are cocooned in velvet butter. It is the most amazing experience!

What do I love?

1. The Swankysuede. It's the material the sheets are made of, except for the flat sheet. Swankysuede is hard to describe. It looks like velvet but it isn't. It kinda looks like the furry side of leather but it isn't. What it is is super soft and smooth and it caresses my skin like kisses!

2. The flat sheet is made of high thread-count cotton. That makes it extra smooth and soft. It's edged in satin (ours is serene green to match the Ethan Allen headboard). There are also very subtle butterfly designs all over the flat sheet. My toddler Vito likes looking for them. It's a cute game for him!

3. I really like that the pillowcases are zippered. That way, you don't have the pillow peeking out.

4. Butterfly Dreams is luxurious but the price isn't. Well, it's still more expensive than most bedsheets. My queen set is USD 165 (Php 6,700) and the duvet cover is USD 230 (Php 9,360). But for the quality and the experience, it really comes out as quite affordable!

Okay, to prove to you how exquisite the sheets are, I had them tested by the most discerning people in my life: my kids! You all know how kids are brutally honest and how their skin is so sensitive. But Butterfly Dreams passed their stringent standards! Just look at them rejoice!

I posted Iñigo's photo on Butterfly Dreams' Facebook page haha. It got a lot of likes!

It's so nice that my kids love Butterfly Dreams. Especially since a portion of the profits are donated to Savong, a school and orphanage in Cambodia. Won't that fact give you sweet dreams, knowing you've helped kids while you sleep?

I think every family should get a set or two. Your kids will love them. If you don't have kids, I swear, the sheets are so nice on your skin, they will make you want to make kids *wink wink*!

Sleeping on Butterfly Dreams feels like sleeping on rose petals. Velvety smooth. The kids sleep deeper and longer, too. And what mommy wouldn't like that?

If you want a deeper, more restful, and definitely more luxurious sleep, get a set (or two!) of Butterfly Dreams. While this luxe linens brand is based in Hong Kong, you don't have to order online anymore (although if you want to, order at their website!). Just this month, Butterfly Dreams is now available in Make Room. Soon, the linens will be available in more stores! How wonderful! Must get a set again!


  1. "cocooned in velvet butter" -- perfect description, Frances! Love, love these sheets! :)

    PS. Such happy pictures!

  2. nice cozy bed and sheets. i saw this brand on sale at tastecentral.com. you might want to check it out. here are the links...



    your kids are so adorable. kakagigil the legs of iñigo, sarap kagatin!

    1. Ooh! Thanks! Mahal kasi so I'm saving up pa to buy our next set =)

      Thanks for saying my kids are cute! They are kakagigil. I nibble on them all the time! =D

  3. Firstly your kids are so beautiful..The bed sheets are cool and cozy..I think you have to check it some more design for your kids..visit us:

    Thanks regards


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