Saturday, February 02, 2013

I got the pink!

Zalora ships fast! I ordered Sunday midnight (so technically Monday morning) and I got my iPad and phone cases Tuesday lunch! Wowza!

Packaged in Zalora-print tissue paper.

The Paperthings plastic boxes are cool, too, although I think hardly necessary. But that's just me.

My pretty pink goodies! They are made of recycled leather, which is "ground down leather scraps that are a by-product of leather manufacturing." I'm quoting from the information card, which is also made of recycled leather. It's kinda like them saying, "No tree was hurt in the making and packaging of this product." Which is of course not true but kinda cool anyway.

Recycled leather does not smell like real leather. But it still smells great! It's kinda stiff, though. I need to push in my gadget and pull it out with force. I'm hoping that with regular use, the leather will soften up a bit, allowing for more ease in use.

The quality is blameless, I must say. Really well made! And that beautiful pink color? Perfect. I'm a-wanting the other colors now but I'm simplifying life this year. So I won't buy. It will be Paperthinks's leather envelopes and leather-bound notebooks that I'll buy next!

Shop at Zalora now!


  1. Ooh, good decision. The pink looks so yummy! :-)

  2. Oh wow so nice! If only I can actually have my iPad just with a case like that. Mr. Jacob thinks its all his, we can't even use it when he's awake. If I get blessed this year, I hope I can get an iPad Mini all for myself! :D

  3. I love these! How much for both items?


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