Friday, May 03, 2013

Topaz Fashion: What we wore to the pool

Vince and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary (and 14 years together, too!) with a lovely stay at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel. You can read all about it on Topaz Mommy. For this blog, I chose to write about our pool outfits!

I was fretting about what to wear. The last time I wore a bathing suit was before I got pregnant and when I tried on my bikinis, well, let's just say the stretchmarks all over my tummy was not a pretty sight. So I had to get a maillot. At the photo shoot for my newspaper column, we were shooting Holly Chang of Wink and I was happily chatting away with one of the PR girls, Janlee Dungca, when I mentioned to her that I was about to go swimming and I had nothing to wear because of my new mommy body. She immediately said, "Soak Swimwear!" And thank the heavens for her because I absolutely LOVE my new Soak maillots!

Vince loves this. He thinks I'm so sexy in it. I love it for these reasons:
1. The color blocking is so bold and graphic.
2. The high waist actually makes my tummy look small.
3. The white band gave me a waist!
4. The super deep front (it's almost down to my tummy) emphasizes my mommy boobs! Plus, it makes breastfeeding IƱigo super easy!
5. And, of course, because it made my husband think I'm hot!

I told my toddler Vito that if I just add stars to the blue and a gold belt, a crown and cuffs, I'd be Wonder Woman. Haha! That's why I matched this with my sons' starry bottoms. Sooo cute!
The shorts is Old Navy, the briefs are Rustan's Baby. I'm so happy they look exactly the same! Don't my little stars look so cute in them?

For our second day, I wore a Soak black maillot with a shirred gold cover on the front and back. It really is perfect for a mommy tummy! Sayang I don't have a full body photo of this one but it really camouflaged the tum-tum.

The boys wore i play swim diapers and shorts. I love these! They are reusable, water-tight, cool, comfy and summery! They are every kid's summer staple! You must get them for your babies!!!

And here's my latest fab find: Babiators! They are soooo cool! They are baby-proof. Yep, we inadvertently tested it when the boys grabbed one temple each and started pulling it apart. It didn't fall apart! Bravo!
Too cool. Too cool! My boys and I had so much (stylish) fun at the pool!

You can buy Soak Swimwear at Retail Lab at Power Plant (that's where I got mine), Cabana on Gamboa St. Legaspi Village, and at Wink Wax & Laser Studio (where I do my hair removal). You can also shop online.

You can get info on where to buy the i play swim diapers and shorts from their Facebook page.

I bought the Babiators from Taste Central. There are a lot of colors but they're mostly sold out.

Have a stylish summer!!!


  1. SO this is the debut of the swimsuit photo. With so many girls wearing two-piece swimwear, nagsta-standout na yung mga nagsu-suot ng one-piece suit. Btw, looking good, Frances!

  2. Thanks, Shopcoholic and Katsjourney!!! =)

  3. Wow ang gaganda ng mga swimsuits mo! Bagay lahat sayo.


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