Saturday, June 01, 2013

Mad Men cast dance to Daft Punk

Joannie sure can move that luscious body!
Pete and Trudy. Sigh! Stupid Pete. You had the perfect wife!
I've totally forgotten about Pete and Peggy.
They all look so young!
Don Draper. You didn't dance but you were still unforgettable.


  1. Hi Frances, I've been reading your blog for the past few days (I've got unbelievably rare slow days at work yayy!) and as a result, the past 7-8 years of your life are still fresh in my mind. It's amazing and amusing to have read your entries as a girl who didn't want to get married to the lady who proposed to her man to the woman who didn't wanna have children just yet to the preggy mom who wanted to wear high-heels (and caused a stir in the readers ahahaha) to the mother of two that you are now who decided to simplify her life and gave most her clothes away. It's inspiring to see a person grow. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I wish I could also write to save my life :) Keep writing.

    1. Ah yes. My life in the past decade summarized in one paragraph =D Thank you for reading! =D

    2. P.S. I still wish I could wear heels! That part hasn't changed =P

  2. =)) If ever I bump into you somewhere magpapa-picture ako ha? Haha! *fangirl*


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