Sunday, September 22, 2013

Live again and again and again!

Vince, we must watch this! You know I love anything with Bill Nighy! And this might be a better movie of Rachel McAdams married to a time traveler haha

This made me cry! Traveling back in time always meant correcting my mistakes but this movie is also about reliving and celebrating "my extraordinary, ordinary life."

I'd love to live through—again and again and again!—my first kiss with Vince, our first time to make love, all our first times actually, our crazy dance in the rain, our wedding, when we got pregnant, when I gave birth, the boys' first smiles, whenever they smiled and laughed in their sleep, every time they smiled and laughed when awake, and I guess every day of our kids' life!

My life has become ordinary but it's become more special. Given the chance to live my life all over again, I would. My life is so amazing!


  1. domhnall gleeson is <3! i never thought he could be leading man material too but he's so adorkable.:) he was totally under-used in harry potter. i had a good feeling about this movie when i first saw the trailer and true enough, i've heard nothing but good feedbacks about the film.

  2. It's so good, Frances. You have to watch it. I want to watch it a second time.

  3. Oooh! I'm excited to watch this! I'm sure my husband will fall asleep at the movie house again. Pero okay lang. At least di niya ako makikita nagpupunas ng luha sa tabi niya. :D :D

  4. Hello Ms. Frances...may resemblance kayo ni Rachel Mcadams lalo na sa smile nyo...


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