Friday, September 27, 2013

Topaz Fashion: Shoe shopping!

For this week's edition of Topaz Fashion*, I'll be showing you our new shoes! Yes, we had gift certificates that were expiring so off my little family went for some shoe shopping.

First off, do you know Dune London is finally here??? I got to interview the CEO, Mohammed Yacoobali, for my Manila Bulletin column. I was sooo excited when he described Dune's shoes and bags as "affordable luxury."

It's true. I had a hard time picking the shoes I wanted because everything was classic, well made, elegant and comfortable. The shoes are made of the finest materials. They are so soft and wonderful on my feet. They feel so cushy, they smell so fabulous, the craftsmanship is incredible. So luxurious and yet so affordable! Prices start at P1,250 but most of the shoes are at the P2,500-P3,950 range.

While I kept trying on the gorgeous heels, I had to accept that heels no longer fit my lifestyle as a work-at-home mom. So these lovely leather loafers are what I finally got. They are the bomb! I want to get all the colors now!
Sleek, classic, and ultra comfortable!
Gotta love that ribbon detail!
I also noticed this under the lid:
How cool is that? No more of those anti-humidity packets that little kiddies can accidentally eat! Speaking of little kiddies...
On our way to prayer meeting at our neighbor's so nakapambahay ako and no makeup!

I also got these studded jelly sandals from Dune. I was hesitant to get them actually because I used to have jelly sandals. They were yucky. First, the plastic rubbing against your feet can be painful. And diba malibag? Gross!
Wore these when I had my salon day at the new Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon at Legaspi St., Makati.
But these Dune jellies are sooo cool! They feel soft! They are so comfy! And your feet stay clean! And they don't look like cheap jelly sandals, too. I wore them once and I am now in love.

After Dune, we went to Converse to get new kicks for Vito.
Iñigo waking up from his nap!
Vito never likes shopping but he did love his new shoes!
This is Iñigo at dinner. Not happy anymore haha

Chucks are classic. Everyone should have a pair. We started our boys young, too! Vito now has three Chucks! He loves them!

Lastly, these lovely flats from Charles & Keith. I love pleats. I love pleated anything. So when I saw these nude flats, I had to have them. Bonus points for the mesh material!
I'm thinking of getting the blue pair, too! This also comes in heels, by the way.

Oh, I love my new flat shoes! Thanks so much for my GCs, PR friends!

Next Friday, I'll talk about new clothes and online shopping. Happy weekend!

P.S. Vince has new shoes, too! But his weren't because of a GC. He wishes haha. Running shoes are so expensive! Anyway, these are his new Asics GEL-Kayano 19 in awesome red and lime!

Haha, believe you me, Vince almost didn't get this because of the colors. He was saying at the store, "Why do running shoes come in such horrible colors?" But he got them anyway for the performance and he's currently breaking them in. After running for fitness for two straight years, my husband is running his first marathon next weekend! I'm so excited for him!

*I renamed Fashion Friday to Topaz Fashion. Will tell you why in another blog post!


  1. I love Iñigo's in your on-your-way-to-prayer-meeting photo. Parang OOTD!

  2. Ay inggit lang ako!! sighing seeing nice shoes..


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