Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Behind the scenes of magazine cover shoots

I couldn't wait for Topaz Fashion! I had to share this with you today!

Rogue September

I thought it was weird that Pam was the star of the BTS. This is not a criticism of Pam, okay? She is the nicest, most stylish, totally grounded person. I just think that the director of the video should have focused more on either the stars or on the magazine itself.

Anyway, you know what's the most amazing about this shoot? Getting all five women together! And how hot is Judy Ann??? All of them are amazing but Judy Ann is the only one that exuded power. Power is very sexy.

Hola! September

Sigh! Made me miss OK! magazine!

InStyle September

Love Drew Barrymore! Love InStyle! I've been collecting that magazine for many, many years. Even when I couldn't afford it yet. Lunch or InStyle? Go out with friends or InStyle? Utility bills or InStyle? InStyle insanity!

I don't really want to go back to magazines anymore (been there, done that) except if it's a parenting magazine or if it's InStyle. I heard a rumor that one of our local publishers is hoping to bring in InStyle. I tell you now, I will grovel to be part of the staff! Kahit as editorial assistant! Just to be part of InStyle!!!

Vogue September

This is the classiest and most professionally done BTS. Well, it's Vogue. What did I expect? Nothing less than the best.

I'll have to check out the newsstands for Hola! and Rogue. I already bought Vogue and InStyle. Have you seen how thick the issues are? Crazy! I got a workout just hoisting those two about! Magazines seem to be exciting again!


  1. The cover that got me to follow rogue's Instagram. You're right re: Judy Ann. She has that calm, quiet confidence like nothing could shake her.

  2. I love that you found Juday hot in Rogue photos. Ako din nung nakikita ko na ito on Instagram, super nagulat ako na siya yung reyna dun. :) Cheers to fab moms (like us, char)!

  3. I haven't bought a copy yet, but I'm intrigued! =)

  4. I love Vogue's BTS AND Jennifer Lawrence! Perfect combination! <3 And yes, ang thick nung magazines, worth it talaga bilhin! :D

  5. You're right about Juday. Similar ang vibe nila ni Drew Barrymore for me.

    Grabe that shot of Drew by the gate, where she was wearing that bib dress with the sheer sides. So beautiful!

    Sinong magdadala ng InStyle dito? Text me! :)

    By the way, why don't you just buy the digital edition of Vogue and InStyle? You still prefer the print?


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