Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One year ago today

Got the silliest message over at this blog's Facebook page. A reader observed that I only have one smile. Haha! Yes, I do! I'm so Zoolander!

Actually, my orthodontist taught me how to smile when she removed my braces. I used to smile really widely but she told me I shouldn't do that because a) it makes me look toothy, b) it distorts my features, and c) I'll get wrinkles.

But I do have other looks. I was looking for them (haha affected!) and came upon these wacky shots from staff photo shoots of long ago:

Sorry for the pixelated shots. I didn't do a good job resizing them! Elaine has clearer images (click here and here). And then I realized that today is exactly the first anniversary of our last photo shoot together.

Aww. This was such a bittersweet photo shoot. It was OK! magazine's final staff shoot. We had lots of fun. We knew we did a fantastic job, we were all moving on to new lives, and yet we were also in the throes of good-bye. I think we all cried buckets of tears. I know I did.

But life goes on. We've all moved on. Managing editor Lana is with, beauty editor Elaine is with Good Housekeeping, red carpet columnist Jay writes for Kristn and also has his fingers in a lot of pies, features editor Joanna used to be with Kristn but is now a freelance writer, editorial assistant Sandra is with, fashion editor Kabbie is now with Stylebible, publishing assistant Mary Love is studying in the U.S., publisher Franny is working in Singapore, and art director Red is now the art director of Hola! Philippines. Oh, and there's me! I'm a freelance writer, editor, newspaper columnist and a blogger. Life is good!

So I take heart in this. One year ago today, behind the smiles, all of those people in those pictures were sad and worried. But life had surprises for us. We're in such good places today! Maybe for some of us, I dare say we're even in a much better place.

So if you're in a tough situation, take heart in tomorrow. It does get better!

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  1. Nahirapan ako hanapin ka dun sa 1st photo! Siguro dahil sanay lang ako na naka smile ka palagi. Ang ganda kaya ng smile mo! :D Sana nga may "one smile" lang ako para laging maganda sa picture.

  2. What an inspiring post :) Yes, things do get better, Frances. :)


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