Monday, October 14, 2013

Topaz Beauty: Yep, I'm a redder red head! Thanks, Louis Phillip Kee!

My friends (and I guess my readers, too!) know that I love coloring my hair red. I've colored it every hue except green and platinum, but red is my color. I've been red blond, red pink, red brown since 2009. But now, I'm red. Just red. A wild exciting red! Almost like I'm an anime character!
For color, I only trust Louis Phillip Kee. That's him supervising my marination. Louis is the best colorist in the country. I'm serious. If you're going for serious color change, go to Louis. He's been coloring my hair since 2006. Yes, this is a relationship! So when I dropped by the spankin' brand new Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon at the Grand Midori at Legaspi Village two weeks ago, I was given the royal treatment. I love being friends with hairstylists!

Chilled white wine.
Scrumptious club sandwich. Seriously, this was the best club sandwich I've ever had in my life!
Hello, world! Transformation underway!
While my hair was steeped in the red dye, I waited in my comfy chair, read some magazines, got an amazing back massage and had my nails done. But before all that, I took my camera and went around the chic salon.
Up the winding staircase, you'll find the VIP rooms.
The LPK Premier Salons attract celebrities and VIP clients so expect to get the A-list treatment here. I always feel so special in this salon. Like when I visit other salons (for a blowdry, for example), I always wonder, "Where's my coffee? My tea? My international and current magazines? My massage? My free WiFi?" Hehe, so spoiled! That's all the fault of the LPK Premier Salon! You'll feel so pampered!
Upstairs. The mirrors are perfect. No distortion. You'll always look good!
There are private rooms that I used to believe were only for the celebrities, you know, because they want to be protected from prying eyes while their hair is in a towel or their feet are being scrubbed. But I learned that these rooms are specially designed not just for celebs but for anyone who wants privacy. Plus, they're also perfect for special occasions, like bridal showers! Each room has a flat-screen TV for watching movies so that you won't get bored while you stew in your beautifying rituals!

Love the chrome and chandelier. So sleek!
A cozy corner for relaxing foot spa treatments.
After my color, Louis cut my hair. Vince and I wanted to keep it long. So did Louis. Louis was there when I went short for years and years. Having fine, thin hair, I never grew my hair long but Louis encouraged me to grow it and he has taken care of my hair so well that I am finally sporting long healthy locks for the first time in my life!
Louis performing his famous precision style cutting.
He's inspecting the color.
It's pretty wild!
But I LOVE it! I'm so fabulous!!!
That's Louis with one of the owners, Roseann Ko. She's so stylish and so nice! (Ok, I'm looking a little pudgy there. Don't look below the neck hehe.)
Louis and Roseann gave me gifts, too! A really good blowdryer and a big box of Kerastase and Wella goodies! Thank you so much!

I'm featuring Louis and his creative team of stylists in my Manila Bulletin column soon. You'll learn more about them, the craft and the salons on my column. This story on my blog is just my happy experience. If you want to experience the A-list treatment, too, book a whole day of pampering now!

Bonifacio Global City
8 Unit F-116 F-117 Forbes Town, BGC, Taguig City
Mobile: +63-918-8424888
Telephone: +632-856-3388

C5 Acropolis
Unit 3 SRK Building, Acropolis Subdivision, E. Rodriguez (across Shopwise Libis), Quezon City
Mobile: +63-916-5305170
Telephone: +632-638-4001

Unit G11 Grand Midori Condominium Legaspi St (near Dela Rosa), Legaspi Village, Makati City
Mobile: +63-906-4396148
Telephone: +632-847-9520


3/f Unit 307 Z Square Mall Banawe Street Cor Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City

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  1. Can I say vavavoom? I also like coloring my hair but I lean on golden brown shades since red easily washes off in my case.

    Might visit their Makati branch soon, my roots or due for touch up :)

    1. Of all the colors, red really washes out the most because it has the largest molecules. (Hehe, hair dye nerd!) So it's very high maintenance.

      Plus, it dyes everything it touches. So my shower and shower curtains are now pink.

  2. You have gorgeous locks! My hair is as dark as the night, either I go blonde para magkakulay lang, or nothing at all. I love the color red on you, so bagay. :)

  3. wow! now i want to go back to going blonde, but only if i go to that salon. hope i can, when i visit in December for the holidays. sawa na ko magkulay ng sarili ko, using those boxed hair color i buy in Watsons/the grocery. hey btw, i tried Foot Appeal on my husband, been 4 days since we had the treatment and he's leaving "balat" all over our floors! i guess it;s working

    1. Gross! Haha! Vince was so exasperated by my shedding skin, too!

  4. I miss Louis and his beautiful hair styling and coloring. I used to somehow regularly go to him for hair styling since he was still with Emphasis salon until I got married and had to transfer to Palawan. Whenever I go to Manila he is, unfortunately, unavailable. I don't know if he remembers me but I would love to be styled by him again.

    You look more beautiful, vibrant and chica with your new hair and color, Frances! :)


    1. Aww! You must book him waaaaay in advance then! Ako rin, I only go if he's available. Sometimes, it's 8 weeks. Most of the time, 6 months!!!

  5. I'm so in love with your hair Miss Frances. I am officially done with dyeing my own hair!

  6. Thanks so much everybody! I know it's SCREAMING RED haha but I like it =)

  7. hi...what is the price range for his services?


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