Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to open a can without a can opener

You know how in times of disaster, all the relief agencies say do NOT donate cans of food because there are no can openers and then you're at the supermarket so gung-ho to buy goods to donate and pretty much all the useful-will-not-spoil food are all in cans???
Sardines are a favorite food to donate.

Well. Watch this. This is so awesome!!!

Now you know. And now you're ready for anything.

UPDATE: OMG my friend said he just tried it out right now and ang hirap-hirap daw gawin! Yikes! Sobrang mega kiskis daw sa concrete! Baka practice lang kailangan, mga friends! At any rate, good to know!

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  1. Cool! After experiencing Ondoy, my husband taught me a few survival tactics he learned from his training at the Philippine National Police Academy. One was to open a can using a spoon. :D

    1. You must tell us how that's done!!! I hope it's easier than this squeeze the can method =)

    2. I'll ask him to do it while I record so I can share. :) I used that trick when I misplaced the can opener. Life saver! Haha.

  2. Wow, good one, Frances!!! :) Thanks for researching and sharing!

  3. eeeppp!!! galing naman.... kaya lang careful din pag time to squeeze the can... thanks for sharing...

  4. I wonder if I can actually do this though, lol.


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