Monday, November 04, 2013

Birthday resolution: Drink more water!

I'm turning 37 on Thursday. Hooray! Another birthday! I love my birthdays!

Now, I look good for a 37-year-old woman but I look like a woman in her 30s nonetheless. I'm okay with that. I certainly don't want to look like I did in my teens...

... or in my 20s...

I finally grew into my looks. I'm glad that the blossoming happened in my 30s. I can say for certain that I got my man and my career because of my talent and personality, not because of my looks haha!

I like my 30s. This has been a fantastic 7 years. I got my dream job, I got married to my great love, we built our lovely home, I had his children, I have made a few but truly wonderful friends, I retired from the dream job because my family was dreamier, and now I'm just writing for a living. My life is all about my passions. I can't ask for anything more!

But... I should do more. Exercise. Eat healthy. Drink more water! Although I'm proud I look great for my age, the fine lines have started, the freckles that used to be cute are now sun spots, the pimple scars are getting deeper. So I started on Shiseido Ibuki skincare regimen. But now I also want to drink drink drink water! I was shocked when I saw this:

That's just from drinking 12 glasses of water a day, folks. Here's the story: "Drinking three litres of water a day took TEN YEARS OFF my face!"

Argh! I can't even finish three glasses a day! One liter is 33 oz. A glass is 8 oz. So a liter is 4 glasses, which makes 3 liters 12 glasses. How on earth can I drink 12 glasses a day??? My dermatologist says I need more water. My dentist says I need water. My husband says I need water.

Drinking more water has been my birthday and New Year's resolution every year. Every single year. It never happens. But one look at those before-and-after photos and I'm really seriously doing it. I just need tips. How do you drink water, dear readers? Help me!!!

Plus, wouldn't it be fun if we did this water thing together? Okay, let's take a photo of our face today, Nov. 4, then drink our 12 glasses of water a day every day, and then take a photo again on Dec. 4! Oh, this is going to be so exciting!

A reader who is a registered nurse, and who I'll hide under the pseudonym Ms RN, sent me this caution:

Hi Ms. Frances. I saw your post about water. While it's really great to drink lots of water, just enough should do the trick, say 8-10 glasses a day. Too much water dilutes essential nutrients in the body and flushes out minerals too

Para di ka maoverwhelm, you can try half glass every hour Or a glass every 2 hours. Annoying lang kasi iihi ka ng iihi. 

By the way, people should also be careful drinking lotsa water when they [eat] too much salt because it can cause water retention. So less salt and more water talaga Another thing to remember is when an individual has a kidney disease, water intake should be limited depending on the doctors order. Hope I helped!

So, readers, let's stick to the 10 glasses max muna, okay???

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  1. Advance happy birthday! That's one of the things I need to improve; drinking lots and lots and lots of water!

  2. Thanks for sharing the article. That made gulp down a huge tumbler-full of water!

  3. that's an exciting challenge. I'm willing to participate in your "water therapy challenge'

    I have tried putting lemon on my water. It's really refreshing. my problem with my own self is lack discipline and consistency LOL.

    count me in this challenge. I'll start drinking more water today.

    Advanced Happy Birthday, Frances.

  4. Back when we still had pitchers in the ref instead of water dispensers, my Mom would post a tally sheet on the ref so she can monitor our water intake. Every time we drink a glass of water, we'd write a tick mark beside our names. We're a family of eight so it got really competitive - we averaged around 12 to 15 glasses a day! This would really help you especially when your kids are a little older. At work, I bring a large tumbler - I think this is around 4 glasses. So no excuse not to drink water. Hope this helps! :)

  5. Hi, Frances! Let me first say that I'm one of your recent followers. I love that you get candid at times speaking your mind and from your heart. I'm inspired by your posts, like this one. I resolve to take up your advice. I'm with you in this water thing! Thanks for the info. And happy birthday! :)

  6. I did the "drink more water" thingy earlier this year. But I stick to the recommended 2liters of water a day. 3 litets pala dapat!! Like you I also can't gulp down 3glasses of water dati. But because of health reasons I made a pact with myself to stay hydrated. The first I thing I did was buy a cute water bottle. Yung may nakalagay na measurement to keep track of how much water I'm consuming already. And I bring it with me all the time. I realize that its easier to stick to the drinking water thingy if you always have it available. :) Now out of habit na ang pag inom ko everywhere. Pero push natin yang 3liters. Nakakaganda pala!!!

  7. Hi Frances! Swerte ako ksi mahilig ako uminom ng tubig pero meron akng friend na tinuroan ko paano inumin ang 3 liters a day and so far gusto na nya ang tubig. Ang ginawa ko sa kanya binigyan ko sya ng bottle na 1 liter tapos ni re-remind ko sya every 5 mins to take a sip and swirl it in d mouth pra ma feel ang water. Huwag dapat marami muna ksi mabubusog ka kaagad. Hindi nya na malayan na naubos na pala ang 1 liter in just 4 hrs i think. Kailangan mo lang talaga ng partner na matiyaga na magremind for 1 week pra mkasanayan mo ang lasa ng tubig. Sana nkatulong ako. Goodluck! Kaya mo yan!

  8. Hhhmmm...interesting! I'll be turning 31 this Friday but when I look at myself in the mirror, I think I look like I'm 35. I look haggard! My facial skin is kinda wrinkled, i have 5 kilos of eye bags, and uneven skin. Drinking 15 glasses of water sounds like a good plan. I will try this one. Hoping for improvement. :)

  9. I will try this one. I just turned 36 and I am noticing some fine lines on my face. Btw, happy birthday in advance!

  10. very interesting post! count me in! I already took a photo of mine today..and i will start drinking 12 glasses of water today.Let's see what will happen after four weeks...I'm sooooo excited...

  11. here's what i do: I have a 1L water bottle beside my desk. My target: 1L of pure water (tea/coffee along side it) till lunch time and 1L or more till 6pm before leaving work. After that, at home, I drink lots of water before and after my dinner :) You'll get used to it in no time.

  12. this is actually interesting. i used to think 2 liters is enough. now thinking about 3 liters, parang nabubusog na ko. haha. i'll definitely try it. i think the best way to do this is to bring a water jug all the time, and also, don;t drink softdrinks/juice with meals, just water na lang. i've been sticking to water even when my husband and i go out, kasi i always think of the sugar in colas and juices. i'll probably increase my intake gradually, so let's see in four weeks. haha

  13. I love water! I probably drink 2 liters per day. I should up the ante then! Drinking a lot of water has helped with my migraine (so did not drinking chocolates!) and chapped lips. Keep a refillable bottle of water with you lagi. I always have one whenever I go out esp. when I'm driving. It helps calm me down when traffic is crazy.

  14. ako rin count me in on this exciting challenge! :) i drink water but not a whole lot - 15 glasses grabe! but if it's gonna make me look that younger im all in!

  15. My body runs mostly on coffee and water. I have this Nestea Doblitro container which I would fill with water in the morning. At the end of the day, nauubos ko sya aside from the water I drink with meals. I am proud to say that my blood sugar level, uric acid, BP, etc. is pretty good. Water really works wonders! :)

  16. yea water does have miraculous effects :) isa ako sa mga naging pimple na may mukha (haha) and so i was a regular at the derma. creams and injections weren't really that effective, but drinking water did the trick and my skin became really nice and clear. and to think in the first place i really drank water at a student's suggestion so that my throat won't get sore from all the talking that i do. :) bring a water bottle with you wherever you go, then refill lang when you need more :)

  17. Happy birthday! That is great that you find happiness and fulfillment with your age, not so many people come at peace with their current age. And as much as possible, I drink lots of water too :)

  18. I downloaded an app last November to track my daily water consumption. It also has a recommended volume depending on your body weight. I'm guessing it goes with what Ms. RN said regarding flushing out minerals and vitamins with too much water. App is called Water Your Body :)

  19. put your water in a jug and then alugin mo before you drink, it helps retain the water in your body.


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