Friday, May 16, 2014

I wrote the cover story for this month's HOLA!

I want to plug this only because someone asked me recently, "So you don't do any work now at all?"

She looked really disappointed in me, too. Heehee. So I said, "Yeah. I don't do any work at all. I'm living the donya life!"

That is kinda true. I don't see my blogs as work. The writing I do for my blogs' partners is just so easy, I can't believe it sometimes. It's like being paid to eat candy! I'm grateful this is my life. I can be with my husband and kids full time and not be afraid of the future. But once in a while, I say yes to real writing jobs and this one is my favorite. Why? Because I love Duchess Kate!

For more on Kate, other chi-chi mommies, and the luxe lifestyle, grab this month's issue of HOLA! magazine!

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  1. Hi Frances! I have this issue of HOLA! and let me just say this.. I didn't immediately see the byline when I read the cover story but when I was reading it, at the back of my mind I was really thinking na "parang si Frances ang sumulat nito.." When I finished reading it, saka ko nakita na ikaw pala talaga ang nagsulat! I was an avid fan of OK! and your blogs since forever kaya siguro na-distinguish ko yung writing style mo. Great work! :)

    1. Thank you so much for loving OK! and my blogs =D


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