Saturday, May 03, 2014

Short hair, dark hair

Just a few weeks ago, I blogged about being a redhead. Well, I'm not a redhead anymore. It's been a month and I've adjusted to my new darkness.

My hairstylist, Louis Phillip Kee, decided it was time for me to go dark since I can't maintain my red. That's the big deal with coloring your hair with hues so different from your original hair color: You have to maintain the roots with frequent visits to the salon. Since I go to the salon twice a year (believe it or not!), my roots are crazy long, as you can see in this photo:

So Louis said it's time to color my hair back to dark brown. Sigh. I'm going to miss being red but he's right. I also wanted to keep my hair long and Louis usually goes along with his client's wishes, but this time he pointed out that no amount of hair treatment would fix my dry ends (as you can see here). So he advised me to chop it off.

And he did! I feel lighter and fresher and my hair is so soft and healthy again!
I like my healthy hair but I do miss the red. I'll go red again maybe two years from now, when my about-to-be-born baby is old enough to allow me more frequent visits to the salon.

The thing with shoulder-length hair is it's tricky to style. My hair is naturally wavy so it follows the curve of my neck when it meets my shoulders, as you can see here:

So I'm super glad my friend Mariel gave me Moroccanoil because my hair looks this fabulous even after I just took a shower here at home (do you see my waffle robe?).

Short hair's so perfect for summer! Dark hair is usually an autumn/winter thing but I'm willing to go dark for a season until I can breathe a little from the mommy duties. Then I can go crazy with the hair colors again! 

Want to have the Louis Phillip Kee treatment? Book an appointment! His salon is one of the best in Manila, according to (article written by super credible beauty writer and blogger Nicole Romero of Beauty & Sparkle!)! 

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  1. Hi Frances! I'm just curious if hair coloring is safe for pregnant women. Or is there a specific brand of hair color that's safe for preggers? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Yes, it's quite safe! My hairstylist says shampoo is the worst because shampoo is rubbed into the scalp whereas hair dye just touches the hair. So if you're okay to shampoo your hair regularly for 9 months, then a little hair color once or twice during your pregnancy will not hurt at all!

      Nevertheless, I colored my hair when I was 6 months along. Yep, the baby was already fully formed by this time. He was just getting fat but all parts and organs are complete. Plus, Louis Kee only used cellophane color on me.

      Here's more information on coloring hair while pregnant:

    2. Thanks for this information. I always thought it's unsafe to color the hair when pregnant. Now, I know. :)


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