Monday, June 02, 2014

Inside my kikay kit

No one can quite believe me when I said my favorite bag these days is a clutch. "How do you fit all your kikay stuff in a clutch?!" Well, I don't really need a lot of kikay stuff kasi. It's not because I'm so gorgeous, okay, it's really because I never stay out for long, just four hours max, so I don't need to bring a ton of stuff to retouch my makeup.

So here's what's inside my kikay kit:

1. Shiseido pressed powder. I've been using Shiseido compact foundations for a few years now.

2. Hygienix anti-bacterial hand spray. Because now that I'm a mom, I need to clean everything!

3. Watsons wet tissue. Inexpensive, no-nonsense, and wet. Some wet wipes aren't wet enough!

4. Bobbi Brown lipstick in Sandwash Pink. My everyday lipstick. It's the exact color of my natural lips!

5. Estée Lauder lipstick in Forbidden Apple. My go-to red. It's more cranberry than apple, though.

6. Pilot pen. Because a writer always needs a pen! Besides, I don't like using the pens provided in banks, etc, because they're a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

7. Lotte Xylitol dental gum. Dual purpose gum: It freshens breath and kills cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.

8. Ventolin inhaler. For my asthma. I don't get asthma attacks anymore actually but I seriously can't go anywhere without my inhaler. Kahit sa labas lang ng house, to the convenience store or to the playground, dala ko 'to. Maiwan na lahat actually, just not this!

9. Tod's key ring with my intial F and the house key. The only Tod's I own. In pink, of course.

10. (not seen) Goody Ouchless hair elastics. For hot days, magulo-hair days, mahangin days, and when I need a rubber band.

Yeah, it's not much of a kikay kit. More of an essentials bag. My absolute cannot-leave-home-without-these-things bag! And yes, my hand sanitizer is in my kikay kit, not hanging from my bag strap. Seriously, ladies, that just really ruins your whole look. Do not clip your hand sanitizers onto your bags! Put it away!

I've been using Hygienix anti-bacterial hand spray since 2011, I think, basta I was still working in an office. I noticed kasi that whenever I come home from work and I wash my hands (first thing I do when I get home!), the sudsy water that washes down the drain is always bordering on black. I don't know why that was when all I touch at my office was my keyboard. Oh, okay, my desk, and tons of print outs of articles to edit, and bags of products from advertisers and brands. Anyway, the point is my dirty hands horrified me since at that time, I was a new mommy. I felt like my eyes became microscopes and I could see all the germs I was bringing home to my baby!

That was when I started bringing hand sanitizers everywhere. I've tried them all. The gel ones. The moisturizing ones. The plain alcohol ones. The hoity-toity ones. The gels and the moisturizers ended up making me feel sticky. The alcohol ones smell too strong. The expensive ones are a waste of money and smell too sweet. What my husband, my kids and I loved best was Hygienix!

I need Hygienix all the time. For spraying on toilet seats, restaurant tables, chairs, door knobs. For wiping sticky and dirty little hands. For cleaning our own hands when we need to handle food and there's no washroom nearby. To disinfect scratches and scrapes and insect bites that seem to plague little kids. It's a mommy must-have talaga!

Hygienix is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and germs. The Hygienix Hand Care line has Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray Fresh Defense (20ml, Php 25; 55ml, Php 39.50), Hand Gel Fresh Defense (55ml, Php 29; 100ml, Php 45), and Ethyl Alcohol 65% Solution (60ml, Php 15; 150ml, Php 28; 250ml, Php 40). Hygienix is available at leading department stores, drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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  1. I always carry around spray alcohol too! But my favorite is from Cleene naman. I can't go potty in public without spraying and wiping the seat clean with alcohol. Then I spray with Human Nature's citrus sanitizer. Naiingit nga ako sa susunod na gagamit ng stall sa akin kasi ang linis pag alis ko. Hahaha!

    1. Me also! I clean up after myself! Yan ang turo sa akin ng nanay ko at ng lola ko. I don't know how some women are raised really! So makalat and burara. Grrr!

  2. I also carry spray alcohol always! And yes I use it on the toilet seats and just like Mommy Roxi I feel like the girls that go after me in the rest rooms are so lucky! Heeheehee :) I don't have a very extensive kikay kit either...just some lip gloss/shimmer/balm that never gets used anyway! Hayayay, this was *supposed* to be the year I become more kikay...

    1. I support you! I became kikay only last year, when I turned 37. It was my birthday resolution to religiously care for my skin and wear a little makeup. Actually, compared to my friends, hindi pa rin daw ako kikay haha.

  3. HI Frances! I so agree with you about not hanging hand sanitizer on the strap of your bag. I don't care if it's an expensive brand pa, seeing it on a nice bag just annoys me. I really don't see the point of hanging it there.
    Anyway, I personally like using alcohol for instant cleaning. I have a small spray bottle in my bag. I'll probably try to get Hygienix when I visit Manila soon. Thanks!

    1. A friend told me ang hassle daw kasi to dig around in her bag just to look for the sanitizer =)

  4. I can't leave the house without the inhaler too! As in habit na sya! I use an organic hand sanitizer because alcohol irritates my perpetually dry hands, afterwards I use an anti-bac wipes to clean off the residue. But I still bring a small bottle of alcohol just in case! I agree with the PocketBac Holders! And hello ang mahal pa nya! Haha

  5. I use naman the pink variant of Droplets of Nature hand spray. It smells like powder. Ang bango! But I also have Green Cross alcohol in my bag, for those times na I need more kalinisan (galing ng MRT or taxi or CR). :)


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