Sunday, June 15, 2014

This four-eyed girl loves Four Eyes! (Part 1)

Let me see. I've been wearing prescription glasses for my nearsightedness since I was 13. My first pair was this monstrosity of pink frames that cradled thick glass lenses I was forever afraid would shatter.
Me at 14, with my baby siblings Theodore and Jacqui. 

Later on, when I was in college, I asked for anti-reflecting, ultra-thin plastic lenses that have UV protection, too. These were expensive lenses but my parents allowed it because they didn't want me to look too nerdy. Papa said nerdy girls never attract any boys. His fears were unfounded. Boys do make passes at girls who wear glasses! The best boy turned out to be the guy who'd marry me! (Yes, my husband has a thing for girls with glasses.)

Now you all know I love online shopping. So naturally I loved! Here's my review:

The shopping site is very easy to navigate. It's simple. No bells and whistles. Just the way I like it. You get presented the frames available. You pick the ones you like and you get more product details. You even get to try the glasses on virtually.
Just upload a photo and that's it! I was worried pa nga that I'll need a photo na full frontal, parang passport ba. But even this semi-side, semi-looking down shot of me with my boys was okay because there's a tool that helped me position the frames perfectly. It allows me to make the glasses bigger or smaller and move them around on my face. So easy! So fun! So easy and fun that I virtually tried on dozens of frames! Look at some of them:

I ended up picking Vanilla Wafer, Cat Whisperer and Sing Me A Lullaby. The frames are just Php 1,495 each. Super affordable! Like, crazy affordable! If you pick regular lenses, too (yes, even prescription ones), the lenses are free! But since I'm maarte and my grade is pretty high (which means if I pick out regular lenses, they'd be super thick), I chose the ultra-thin lenses, which is an additional Php 2,000. Still, the whole pair of glasses will come out at just Php 3,495. Still waaaaay cheaper than buying from a shop! You can buy two or three!

Ordering the glasses was super easy. You just fill in the information needed, like if you want prescription lenses or just lenses without a grade. If you need prescription lenses, you'll need to know what your prescription is so you'll really have to see your eye doctor first. Since I have a prescription from last year, I already knew what my grade was, the distance between my irises, and the types of lenses that I like (ultra-thin, non-reflective, with UV protection).

After filling out the info, just tell them if you want a flat-out purchase or if you want to try out some frames at home first. I chose the Home Try-On service.

I placed my order on June 2, Monday. The box of glasses arrived on June 7, Saturday. So there's a bit of a wait there.

Inside were a sturdy blue box and the return envelope addressed to Four Eyes. You can keep the glasses for 5 days. I imagine that's enough time to try them out, and ask your friends and family which ones look best on you. After the five days, you're supposed to contact Four Eyes and tell them to pick up the glasses again.

Helpful instructions on the inside of the lid.

My glasses! Which one is really for me?

Let's start with Sing Me A Lullaby.
I picked it because I wanted colored frames. I already have a black one and a red one so I figured I'd try blue. While I liked it, I thought the blue brought out the shadows under my eyes and the blue-green veins on my cheeks. You don't notice it on the photo here because I increased exposure/brightness so that my flaws will disappear. Hehe, vain!

Let's try Vanilla Wafer next!
I've always always wanted tortoiseshell frames!!! I have lots of tortoiseshell things like combs and hair clips, but never glasses! So I picked this one. I liked it a lot but I didn't like the white temples (that's the official name of what people usually call the "arms" of the glasses).

So let's try out my last pick, the Cat Whisperer!
I love it! I love it! I love it! I love that it's tortoiseshell but that it's a deeper, darker hue. It looks more elegant and more expensive! Plus, the temples are also made out of the same material so it's perfect.

So perfect that I took the Four Eyes sticker and stuck it on Cat Whisperer, the winner!
I then put all the frames back into their bubble wrappers and called Four Eyes to send them back. Okay, I called them last Wednesday and was told the package would be picked up on Friday, but it's already Sunday today and no pick up yet. So I can't give you a full review yet. So far, I like everything, except the waiting times. It's a good thing I'm not in a hurry! I'll keep you updated!

You can try out the Four Eyes service yourself! Click here! You can also like their Facebook page: FourEyesPH. Happy shopping!

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  1. My husband liked (or still likes?) girls with glasses! Nung magbf-gf pa lang kami, he actually requested on our first date that I wear my specs similar to the one you chose. Ayun nasundan naman ang 1st date. Haha!

    Anyway, I'll try Four Eyes nga. Ang mura eh! Kapresyo nung mga nada Hidalgo sa Quiapo. Kaso iniisip ko re the lenses, how thick is thick kaya? -275 lang naman grade ng eyes ko pero baka kasi I'd look super nerd naman.

    I'll wait for the part 2 of your review.


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