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Monday, October 13, 2014

New Topaz Clutch colors!

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who bought a Topaz Clutch from Ni-QUA! There was a time we ran out of stock for the pink-and-brown version. I'm sooo happy for all your support! Ni-QUA is so encouraged by your patronage that they decided to give me more designs to offer you!

Here's the Tan, for a more casual, rugged vibe:

And here's the Tan-and-Pink, which is even sweeter than its Brown-and-Pink sister:

If you love me, please buy a Topaz Clutch! Get them now from Ni-QUA!
Tan and Pink

So exciting! More new colors (and maybe even prints!) brewing!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

What I'll buy from BeautyMNL

There's a new beauty online shopping stop in town, ladies! It's called BeautyMNL, from the same family as Deal Grocer and Taste Central. I've shopped from DG and TC often enough to expect only good things from its new kikay sister. So I signed up soonest (actually, I just needed to sign in with my DG account) because they're also giving away a trip to Paris!!!

It was launched exactly one week ago and so there's actually not a lot of offerings yet so, hello, medyo bitin. Still, I've already picked out a few favorites that I can buy so I don't have to leave the house. Alam niyo naman ako. I love staying home!

The site is on 20% off now, as a welcome treat. While I want to shop, my beauty closet is still fully stocked (thanks for the amazing free goodies, dear beauty brands!). I'm kinda tempted to buy because of the discount, but beauty products have a shelf life so it's not a good idea to hoard. Napapanis kasi sila. But if I were to hoard, these will be what I'll put in my virtual cart:

MoroccanOil Treatment Oil, P1,080. The ultimate hair oil. I've tried several and it's still this expensive and smelly oil that makes my hair bodacious!!! My review here!

Physiogel Lotion, P714. I just started using this brand because I recently attended an event of theirs (see here). I have tried a TON of lotions and this, this, this is the only lotion that made my parched skin super soft and smooth!!!

Physiogel Cleanser, P329. I still love Shiseido Ibuki's cleanser but this is what I now use when I shower and when I wash my face in the morning. It's amazing. AMAZING! I'm going to do a proper review of Physiogel later this month, but I just want to tell you guys now: Do not judge a beauty product by its boring packaging!

Clarisonic Replacement Brush, P1,720. I bought a Clarisonic in 2012 from the US online site, had it shipped here, and was dismayed that I had to replace brushes every 6 months. Those brushes are so expensive! May shipping from the US pa! So I'm glad that it's now available here.

There's a ton more brands—both drugstore to prestige—but, like I said, I'm fully stocked. But here's what I don't have so I'll most probably buy as soon as all my clients' checks are in (hint! hint! cough! cough!):

Fairy Drops Platinum Waterproof Mascara, P717 (sale price). Makeup artists, beauty editors and beauty bloggers love this. I want to experience for myself why!

Bumble & Bumble Prét-a-Powder, P1,499. I wash my hair just twice a week. If I wash more often, my super fine hair starts falling out and drying up. This hair powder absorbs oil, adds volume, and generally keeps your mane from getting disgusting till your next shampoo.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, P1,799. Okay, my hair is so gorgeous when it's unwashed (another reason why I don't shampoo often!). On the days I do shampoo, my hair is this slippery, flat and limp creature lazily perched on my head and shoulders. This surf spray will fix that problem by adding texture and volume!

So that's what I'll buy! I can't wait till they have all the brands they promise they'll soon offer! Sooo happy online shopping is now so exciting in the Philippines!

*all photos from BeautyMNL

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Meet the Topaz Horizon x Ni-QUA clutches

Dearest loyal blog readers, you've been telling me over and over again in the last three years to sell bags again. So, because you love me and I love you, meet the Topaz Clutch!

I'm so thrilled to finally show them to you!

The Topaz Clutch was born from a collaboration with local brand Ni-QUA. If you've been reading my blog recently, you'll be familiar with Ni-QUA because I super love their leather products. Genuine leather, quality craftsmanship, friendly prices. I've stopped longing for foreign brands because local ones are really amazing! That's why I just had to ask Ni-QUA to make my dream come true with this collaboration!

Look at the first two bags from my Topaz Collection:
Brown and basic. For the classic woman who doesn't want a big bag to hide her outfit.
Made of soft and smooth, buttery sheep leather. Features a tassel and gold hardware.
Fits all your essentials! (These are mine!)
The pink version is for the woman who loves a little whimsy.
The pink leather tassel adds fun and flair!
Fits an iPad and a lipstick. Two of my other essentials haha!

They're so pretty, I can't stand it! I love them both so much! Please love them, too! Buy a clutch or both from Ni-QUA! Each clutch is only Php 1,395. Pretty inexpensive for something so pretty and perfect!

Click the links to shop:
I want the brown!
I want the pink!

Thanks! Now, Ni-QUA and I are feeling generous and we'll give away two clutches. One brown and one pink! Here's all you need to do:

  1. Be a fan of Ni-QUA! Like their Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter. Follow them on Instagram. I'm going to check if you liked Ni-QUA, okay?
  2. Grab any photo from this blog post and share it on your social media accounts. Tell us which bag you want and why. 
  3. Use these hashtags: #topazclutch and #niquashop. It's so we can see your entry!
  4. You don't need to share on all your social media accounts (we don't want you to spam your friends), but it will help me a lot if you can leave a comment below telling me if you shared on FB, Twitter or on IG.  

Ni-QUA and I will pick one winner of the brown clutch and one winner of the pink clutch. Contest ends on September 15. Contest is open only to those with a Philippine address. Okay, that's it. Good luck!

Meanwhile, if you don't believe in luck, just buy straight from Ni-QUA's online shop and be one of the first with a Topaz Clutch!


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Friday, June 27, 2014

This four-eyed girl loves Four Eyes! (Part 2)


Remember when I tried out the eyewear online shopping site, Four Eyes, last week? Well, my glasses are finally here!

I picked the Cat Whisperer frames because I looked really good in them! Or they looked really good on me.

After trying out the three frames I picked, I asked for the glasses to be picked up on June 13. They were picked up by courier service Xend on June 17. Again, there's a wait. I finally got my glasses on June 24. So from the time I ordered on June 2 to the time I got my glasses on June 24, it's 22 days. Three weeks. That could've been shorter since I really kept the trial frames for 5 days before I scheduled a pick up.

To be fair to Four Eyes, they never said they'll deliver or pick up the next day. So the process does take time, but if you're in no hurry, I think Four Eyes is much better than going to the optical shop. A big reason why I dislike optical shops intensely is the fact that they hide price tags. So you go around the shop, you pick your frames, you try them on. The sales person says, "Bagay! Bagay lahat!!!" Which really doesn't help. Finally, you pick your frame and then realize it's out of your budget range and then the salesperson looks at you with a sigh, and then you feel small and sad and poor, and then you just hurry out or pick something else that you don't like. Haha, I'm so melodramatic! But I think you know what I mean!

With Four Eyes, I had the convenience of picking out frames at my leisure (it took me an entire afternoon doing the virtual try-out, then a whole five days trying them on at home), and all of that in the privacy of my own home. Then my new gorgeous glasses just cost P3,495! I mean, look at them. They look so chic, not cheap!

Here's another reason why you should totally buy your glasses and sunnies from Four Eyes: The eyewear shopping site has partnered with the charity organization, World Vision Philippines. For every pair you buy from Four Eyes, they will donate another pair to someone in need of prescription glasses.

As someone who needs glasses, I know how vital it is to have clear eyesight. When I was in 3rd grade, my grades started to slip. We couldn't figure out why I seemed to be failing some classes. It was only when a classmate in 7th grade said, "You're actually smart. Maybe you should have your eyes checked," that we went to an optometrist and realized I had been near-sighted all that time! Now that I'm a mom, my eyesight is just as important. I'm always on the lookout for nasty bugs that might bite my babies' tender skin, for example. A huge part of who I am and what I turned out to be relies on my vision. Imagine if we can give that simple but profound opportunity to our less fortunate brothers and sisters! 

Last month, Four Eyes and World Vision visited an underprivileged community in Cavite, where they checked the eyesight of more than 250 adults and kids. Then Four Eyes made eyeglasses for these lovely people. Last weekend, Four Eyes went back to Cavite to distribute the free eyeglasses to the community. I wanted to go, too, actually, since Four Eyes invited me but since my pregnant tummy is about to pop any day now, I regretfully stayed in Manila and missed the event. Jeremy Callegher, business development manager of Four Eyes, said, "All [glasses] were distributed, the event was a success and you can tell so, thanks to the smile of the people from the community."

Buy yourself glasses for just P1,495 and another person benefits from your shopping!
Top right photo shows host, teacher and blogger Patty Laurel-Filart helping distribute the glasses.
New glasses for all! What a happy day!
The World Vision and Four Eyes team with the happy Caviteños!

Four Eyes would love to extend their services to one lucky Topaz Horizon reader!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

This four-eyed girl loves Four Eyes! (Part 1)

Let me see. I've been wearing prescription glasses for my nearsightedness since I was 13. My first pair was this monstrosity of pink frames that cradled thick glass lenses I was forever afraid would shatter.
Me at 14, with my baby siblings Theodore and Jacqui. 

Later on, when I was in college, I asked for anti-reflecting, ultra-thin plastic lenses that have UV protection, too. These were expensive lenses but my parents allowed it because they didn't want me to look too nerdy. Papa said nerdy girls never attract any boys. His fears were unfounded. Boys do make passes at girls who wear glasses! The best boy turned out to be the guy who'd marry me! (Yes, my husband has a thing for girls with glasses.)

Now you all know I love online shopping. So naturally I loved! Here's my review:

The shopping site is very easy to navigate. It's simple. No bells and whistles. Just the way I like it. You get presented the frames available. You pick the ones you like and you get more product details. You even get to try the glasses on virtually.
Just upload a photo and that's it! I was worried pa nga that I'll need a photo na full frontal, parang passport ba. But even this semi-side, semi-looking down shot of me with my boys was okay because there's a tool that helped me position the frames perfectly. It allows me to make the glasses bigger or smaller and move them around on my face. So easy! So fun! So easy and fun that I virtually tried on dozens of frames! Look at some of them:

I ended up picking Vanilla Wafer, Cat Whisperer and Sing Me A Lullaby. The frames are just Php 1,495 each. Super affordable! Like, crazy affordable! If you pick regular lenses, too (yes, even prescription ones), the lenses are free! But since I'm maarte and my grade is pretty high (which means if I pick out regular lenses, they'd be super thick), I chose the ultra-thin lenses, which is an additional Php 2,000. Still, the whole pair of glasses will come out at just Php 3,495. Still waaaaay cheaper than buying from a shop! You can buy two or three!

Ordering the glasses was super easy. You just fill in the information needed, like if you want prescription lenses or just lenses without a grade. If you need prescription lenses, you'll need to know what your prescription is so you'll really have to see your eye doctor first. Since I have a prescription from last year, I already knew what my grade was, the distance between my irises, and the types of lenses that I like (ultra-thin, non-reflective, with UV protection).

After filling out the info, just tell them if you want a flat-out purchase or if you want to try out some frames at home first. I chose the Home Try-On service.

I placed my order on June 2, Monday. The box of glasses arrived on June 7, Saturday. So there's a bit of a wait there.

Inside were a sturdy blue box and the return envelope addressed to Four Eyes. You can keep the glasses for 5 days. I imagine that's enough time to try them out, and ask your friends and family which ones look best on you. After the five days, you're supposed to contact Four Eyes and tell them to pick up the glasses again.

Helpful instructions on the inside of the lid.

My glasses! Which one is really for me?

Let's start with Sing Me A Lullaby.
I picked it because I wanted colored frames. I already have a black one and a red one so I figured I'd try blue. While I liked it, I thought the blue brought out the shadows under my eyes and the blue-green veins on my cheeks. You don't notice it on the photo here because I increased exposure/brightness so that my flaws will disappear. Hehe, vain!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Heels hurt? Ni-QUA's fun foldable flats to the rescue!

I'm pregnant so I haven't been wearing heels for a long while now. It's not safe, I know, so don't worry about me! But I'm writing this post because I still remember how it feels to be on heels all day and then your feet start to swell up in pain and suffering, and all you want to do is wear comfy flats.

Yung tipong pumuputok na ang mga ugat sa paa mo na pain.

Here's a cute solution from proudly Pinoy brand Ni-QUA: the Ella Foldable Flats!

I love that it comes in a big nylon pouch. Kasi other foldable flats in the market come in these tiny pouches, which begs the question: Saan ko lalagay yung heels ko??? With the roomy polka-dot pouch, that's not an issue.
Kasya heels ko!

Of course, the best thing about the Ella Flats is it's very comfy. The sole is flexible but it's not super thin. Other foldable flats have soles that are super manipis so your feet have no protection from the ground. As in, nararamdaman mo lahat ng groove, crack, bato at basura when you walk around. So sure, you may not be in heels anymore but yung paa mo naman is in another kind of pain.

Look at how relaxed my feet are! Super comfy and really fun on my feet. I love it!
No more ugat!
The Ni-QUA Ella Flats come in neon pink, neon orange, neon blue, neon green and neon yellow. If you're not into blinding brights, the Ella Flats also come in brown and red, capped at the toe by animal prints. Really cute! Shop now!

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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Mother's Day gift idea from Ni-QUA

Omigosh, Mother's Day is upon us! What are you getting your mommy to show her your appreciation? If I may make a suggestion, check out Ni-QUA's Mother's Day gift: a piña cover-up and a mother-of-pearl and leather necklace!
The gift comes packaged like so: the cover-up in a pouch of the same material, and the necklace in a satin-lined suede envelope. Yes, it's two gifts in one!

The necklace features five pieces of golden mother-of-pearl linked together with golden chains. You tie this around the neck with soft leather bands. It's very light on the neck and the gold hues really flatter your face.

The piña cover-up comes in two colors: black and taupe. I got taupe. It's light enough to wear even here in the tropics but the weave does offer warmth when the night (or the office) gets cold.

 Here's the cover-up and the necklace on a real mommy: me!

The back flows behind you like a cape (because moms are superwomen, diba?). You can wrap it around your body when it gets cold or when you need coverage (for breastfeeding your baby, for example).

Get one for your mommy now! Only available at the online shop of Proudly Pinoy brand Ni-QUA. Shop now!

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