Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy 27th birthday, Dirty Dancing!

Because this soundtrack is one of the very first (I think it actually may be the first) that I bought on cassette tape! I loved this movie so much!

I just don't know how Born-Again, 10-year-old me got to watch this movie, though. First, that title. Second, the abortion sub-plot. Third, Baby (Grey) was 16 in this movie. Does that make the love scene between her and Johnny (Swayze) statutory rape?!

Thank goodness I was just 10 when I saw this movie. I didn't have to overthink it!

Found out from HuffPost today that this iconic dance pose was done just one time because Jennifer Grey was too scared to do it. One take! So that's why her face was like all thrilled and happy after the lift. It wasn't acting anymore!

One thing HuffPost forgot to mention is how Grey and Swayze absolutely hated each other. Well, I'd never have thought that!

Ok, now I'm LSS-ing on "Time of My Life." I still love that song after all these years. And now more than ever, it applies to every aspect of my life!

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  1. Watched this movie quite late (just last year, haha), but still, I enjoyed it so much. Somehow, the movie reminds me of Baguio because of the mountains and summer vacationing. :)


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