Monday, October 13, 2014

New Topaz Clutch colors!

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who bought a Topaz Clutch from Ni-QUA! There was a time we ran out of stock for the pink-and-brown version. I'm sooo happy for all your support! Ni-QUA is so encouraged by your patronage that they decided to give me more designs to offer you!

Here's the Tan, for a more casual, rugged vibe:

And here's the Tan-and-Pink, which is even sweeter than its Brown-and-Pink sister:

If you love me, please buy a Topaz Clutch! Get them now from Ni-QUA!
Tan and Pink

So exciting! More new colors (and maybe even prints!) brewing!

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  1. I am definitely getting one! or two probably pag-uwi ko sa Pilipinas. I dont know how to use/carry a clutch, but I find women who knows how to carry one looks very sosyal, and gusto kong makijoin :D And it seems functional naman for a mom....

    By the way do they do international delivery? I can't seem to find delivery options in their website except for the free nationwide delivery option.


  2. Tan and pink!!! OMG! :) I just have to have that for Christmas! :D cue in background song "Momma needs to raket" ahaha.But seriously, it's so so lovely :)


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