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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gift ideas from Happy Skin

Next week is November!!!

That means it's my birthday, folks. 

Ho ho ho, I mean it's time to start panic buying your presents for me! I mean, for the special people in your life! And cosmetics brand Happy Skin—my favorite makeup brand now—has some fab ideas for the gorgeous girls on your list.

Served on a Silver Platter, P1,999
Ooh, all basics covered! Skin, eyes, cheeks and lips! SS Second Skin Cream Foundation (with a Happy Skin foundation brush!), Get Cheeky With Me Blush, Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie, and Eye Am Here To Stay eyeliner for the teen just starting to experiment with makeup, the college girl who needs something special for her kikay kit, the working woman who must have beauty tools stashed in her office drawer, or the busy mommy who needs all her beauty essentials to be simple but fabulous!

Forbidden Fruit Limited Edition Lippie Collection, P1,399
Set of 3 shades: Mistletoe Kiss, Under The Sheets, Naughty & Nice
I love this set! I have one and they're so delicious, my little boys were begging to eat them! Uh oh! But while they're not edible, they will make your lips luscious and kissable. These lipsticks deposit color in just a few swipes, they moisturize your lips, and they stay on for a long, long time! Definitely the lipsticks every woman would love to have in this season of parties!

Note: You can buy each lippie for P549.

Sealed With A Kiss Limited Edition Lippie Collection, P1,299
Set of 3 Shades: Crushing On You, Summer Fling, First Kiss
See above comment but these shades are so sweet. Best to give to teens, or to your girlfriends who need something pretty for everyday.

Eye Candy Limited Edition 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliners, P1,299
Set of 4: Butterscotch (bronze gold), Cotton Candy (pink), Plum (purple), Watermelon (dark green)
The holiday season means it's time to give your everyday brown/black liners a rest. Give your peepers a reason to party with these super fun eyeliners! I'm brown-eyed so my eyes look really pretty with green eyeliner. If I want to look awake, the pink makes my eyes look bright and wide. Experiment with all the colors!

All these are presented in pretty tins that make them so perfect for gifts. Just wrap in a ribbon and give away! I love them! Got to see all of these goodies at Happy Skin's first anniversary party (happy birthday again, Happy Skin!) and the makeup is super cute! Even better, they really, truly do make skin happy. I've been using the SS Creme and ZZ Creme, the lippies and the eyeliners for a year now and my skin really loves these products.

I'm so proud that my friends Jacqe Gutierrez and Rissa Trillo are the women behind this brand. It can seriously compete with other major makeup brands. In fact, I've switched. My husband is so shocked! He can't believe that I choose Happy Skin over the tons of expensive and foreign makeup products I get all the time. It was easy for me—Happy Skin is friendly to my skin, my looks, and my wallet.

Shop now and have them delivered to your doorstep (or straight to the women on your gift list) by shopping online at Happy Skin Cosmetics!

*photos from Happy Skin

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Climbing walls

Thought of my Vince when I watched this video. When I met my husband, he had long hair, wore puka shells around his neck, and was ripped from his neck, arms, back, butt, thighs and legs. I think maybe even his toes had muscles haha. He was a mountain climber. And a wall climber. And all he wore were tie-dyed shirts and pants. And North Face.

Babe, I'd have loved to see you shop in this store. I'm sure you'd have shown me some moves! Mwah!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

New Topaz Clutch colors!

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who bought a Topaz Clutch from Ni-QUA! There was a time we ran out of stock for the pink-and-brown version. I'm sooo happy for all your support! Ni-QUA is so encouraged by your patronage that they decided to give me more designs to offer you!

Here's the Tan, for a more casual, rugged vibe:

And here's the Tan-and-Pink, which is even sweeter than its Brown-and-Pink sister:

If you love me, please buy a Topaz Clutch! Get them now from Ni-QUA!
Tan and Pink

So exciting! More new colors (and maybe even prints!) brewing!

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Monday, September 01, 2014

Meet the Topaz Horizon x Ni-QUA clutches

Dearest loyal blog readers, you've been telling me over and over again in the last three years to sell bags again. So, because you love me and I love you, meet the Topaz Clutch!

I'm so thrilled to finally show them to you!

The Topaz Clutch was born from a collaboration with local brand Ni-QUA. If you've been reading my blog recently, you'll be familiar with Ni-QUA because I super love their leather products. Genuine leather, quality craftsmanship, friendly prices. I've stopped longing for foreign brands because local ones are really amazing! That's why I just had to ask Ni-QUA to make my dream come true with this collaboration!

Look at the first two bags from my Topaz Collection:
Brown and basic. For the classic woman who doesn't want a big bag to hide her outfit.
Made of soft and smooth, buttery sheep leather. Features a tassel and gold hardware.
Fits all your essentials! (These are mine!)
The pink version is for the woman who loves a little whimsy.
The pink leather tassel adds fun and flair!
Fits an iPad and a lipstick. Two of my other essentials haha!

They're so pretty, I can't stand it! I love them both so much! Please love them, too! Buy a clutch or both from Ni-QUA! Each clutch is only Php 1,395. Pretty inexpensive for something so pretty and perfect!

Click the links to shop:
I want the brown!
I want the pink!

Thanks! Now, Ni-QUA and I are feeling generous and we'll give away two clutches. One brown and one pink! Here's all you need to do:

  1. Be a fan of Ni-QUA! Like their Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter. Follow them on Instagram. I'm going to check if you liked Ni-QUA, okay?
  2. Grab any photo from this blog post and share it on your social media accounts. Tell us which bag you want and why. 
  3. Use these hashtags: #topazclutch and #niquashop. It's so we can see your entry!
  4. You don't need to share on all your social media accounts (we don't want you to spam your friends), but it will help me a lot if you can leave a comment below telling me if you shared on FB, Twitter or on IG.  

Ni-QUA and I will pick one winner of the brown clutch and one winner of the pink clutch. Contest ends on September 15. Contest is open only to those with a Philippine address. Okay, that's it. Good luck!

Meanwhile, if you don't believe in luck, just buy straight from Ni-QUA's online shop and be one of the first with a Topaz Clutch!


* * * * * * *
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Topaz Fashion: My top picks from schu's new shoes!

I am on shoe-shopping mode. I haven't bought shoes in a while, mostly because there was no reason to buy new shoes last year since I hardly went out last year.

Woah. Did I just say there was no reason to buy new shoes? There is always a reason to buy new shoes! Who is this woman who says there's no reason to buy new shoes?!

Well, the old me must've stirred from her style slumber because I feel the itch to scratch the credit card on shoe shopping, and the first shoes that caught my eye are schu's new styles. Here are my favorites:

For daytime events...

For nighttime events...

For errands...

For meetings...

For when I want to feel pretty...

There are so many more colors and styles so perfect for the summer! You can check out all of Chocolate schubar's Spring-Summer 2014 line and the TYCA line at their Facebook page. But be warned: That's what I did and now I'm a mess, just thinking about shoes! All the styles are available at all schu shops so I guess I'll bump into you at schu if you shop for shoes, too!

*all photos grabbed from schu's Facebook page

* * * * * * *
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Topaz Fashion: Cole Vintage's work-ready line

It's March tomorrow! Graduation month! New career kids trooping out to join the workforce! And to some of us who already have careers, March is a new reason to shop for clothes (because, wala lang, who needs a good reason to shop anyway?!)! 

As you all know, I love wrap dresses. It's so flattering to us women. It's such a simple design, so elegant, timeless... Every girl should have several in their closet! (I have several in my closet!) It's great for job interviews and for days at work. It's great for lunches and family gatherings. It's even great for dates (depending on the print)!

Cole Vintage knew I'm a fan of the wrap dress so they gave me this:
Becca wrap dress, P1,099
I love it! It's orange! My favorite color!!! Thanks, Cole Vintage! I love the black and white, too!

I can't wear it yet because I'm kinda really pregnant right now but when I am back to my old body, I am so going to whip that orange-and-white wrap dress out of my closet. Yep, even if I wear it 6, 8 or 10 months from now, even next year, even 10 years from now, it never goes out of style!

Cole Vintage told me that this simple elegance is "the inspiration behind our two toned mini collection.  These pieces are definitely in it for the long haul—they’re here to stay."

If you're a new grad going job-hunting and want to make a good impression, try the Becca wrap dress from Cole Vintage. They also have this chic sheath dress that you can wear from the office straight to dinner with friends or even on a date! Just wear a blazer at work to look professional, then when you go out for the night, take off the jacket, put on a big metal cuff and some sparkly earrings!
Mallory dress, P1,299
Their totes are two-toned, too. Totes are a must for working women. We carry so much stuff! 
Jacques tote (black-brown), P999
Jacques tote (silver-mocha), P999

Cole Vintage is available at The Ramp Trinoma, The Ramp Shangri-la, The Ramp Glorietta, SM North Edsa, SM Makati, SM Mall of Asia, SM BF Paranaque, The Podium, and at the Archaeology Power Plant Mall. Visit our website

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Topaz Beauty: Souq Organics is on mega sale!

My love affair with Souq Organics started with this little bottle:
I super love this! The condition of my face improved so much!

So now I also use these:
This is my second bar. The first one lasted for months!
Because it's argan oil again and it's also organic.
This is actually my hubby's foot lotion because he runs thrice a week.

These are some of the best beauty products I've ever tried and, believe me, I've tried a lot! So isn't this such fabulous news?

Tamang-tama dahil mauubos na ang Moroccan Argan Oil ko!

The branch I know is the one on Katipunan Road, White Plains, but you can also find Souq Organics products at Landmark Trinoma and Landmark Makati; PCX at Power Plant, ATC, Robinsons Ermita, Festival Mall, and Greenbelt 3 and 4; Mercury Drug at Glorietta 3; Lucky Chinatown Mall Annex; and at NUMA Infantcare.

You can also shop conveniently at their website. Happy shopping!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Topaz Fashion: Shoe shopping!

For this week's edition of Topaz Fashion*, I'll be showing you our new shoes! Yes, we had gift certificates that were expiring so off my little family went for some shoe shopping.

First off, do you know Dune London is finally here??? I got to interview the CEO, Mohammed Yacoobali, for my Manila Bulletin column. I was sooo excited when he described Dune's shoes and bags as "affordable luxury."

It's true. I had a hard time picking the shoes I wanted because everything was classic, well made, elegant and comfortable. The shoes are made of the finest materials. They are so soft and wonderful on my feet. They feel so cushy, they smell so fabulous, the craftsmanship is incredible. So luxurious and yet so affordable! Prices start at P1,250 but most of the shoes are at the P2,500-P3,950 range.

While I kept trying on the gorgeous heels, I had to accept that heels no longer fit my lifestyle as a work-at-home mom. So these lovely leather loafers are what I finally got. They are the bomb! I want to get all the colors now!
Sleek, classic, and ultra comfortable!
Gotta love that ribbon detail!
I also noticed this under the lid:
How cool is that? No more of those anti-humidity packets that little kiddies can accidentally eat! Speaking of little kiddies...
On our way to prayer meeting at our neighbor's so nakapambahay ako and no makeup!

I also got these studded jelly sandals from Dune. I was hesitant to get them actually because I used to have jelly sandals. They were yucky. First, the plastic rubbing against your feet can be painful. And diba malibag? Gross!
Wore these when I had my salon day at the new Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon at Legaspi St., Makati.
But these Dune jellies are sooo cool! They feel soft! They are so comfy! And your feet stay clean! And they don't look like cheap jelly sandals, too. I wore them once and I am now in love.

After Dune, we went to Converse to get new kicks for Vito.
Iñigo waking up from his nap!
Vito never likes shopping but he did love his new shoes!
This is Iñigo at dinner. Not happy anymore haha

Chucks are classic. Everyone should have a pair. We started our boys young, too! Vito now has three Chucks! He loves them!

Lastly, these lovely flats from Charles & Keith. I love pleats. I love pleated anything. So when I saw these nude flats, I had to have them. Bonus points for the mesh material!
I'm thinking of getting the blue pair, too! This also comes in heels, by the way.

Oh, I love my new flat shoes! Thanks so much for my GCs, PR friends!

Next Friday, I'll talk about new clothes and online shopping. Happy weekend!

P.S. Vince has new shoes, too! But his weren't because of a GC. He wishes haha. Running shoes are so expensive! Anyway, these are his new Asics GEL-Kayano 19 in awesome red and lime!

Haha, believe you me, Vince almost didn't get this because of the colors. He was saying at the store, "Why do running shoes come in such horrible colors?" But he got them anyway for the performance and he's currently breaking them in. After running for fitness for two straight years, my husband is running his first marathon next weekend! I'm so excited for him!

*I renamed Fashion Friday to Topaz Fashion. Will tell you why in another blog post!