Monday, February 23, 2015

Lost in your eyes


Oy naiyak ako. I haven't stared into my husband's eyes since the kids were born. That's almost 5 years. Sometimes I feel like my marriage is under attack from my own kids, simply because their needs are so immediate, constant and urgent that I have no time to nurture my relationship with my husband.

I was looking for photos of Vince and me looking at each other and, no surprise here, I only found these at our wedding.

I mean, of course we look at each other. When we're talking. But that's it—we're talking. Or we're minding the kids, or eating, or working, watching TV, or we talk in bed in the dark. But we no longer just bask in each other's presence. There's really no time. We're lucky if we have seconds just to stare at each other. I can't imagine four minutes. Maybe I'll try 30 seconds later.

We have a good marriage, Vince and I, but if we don't watch it, we'll lose sight of each other. I'm going to look at Vince, really look at him, from now on.

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  1. I tried this with my husband the other day. It was a good 4 minutes. <3 I want to do this everyday! It's a good break to have in the middle of all of household work, business talk, kiddie care...

  2. Someone once told me that a marriage is something you need to work on everyday, no matter how new or old...that every day you have to ask yourself "what can I do to make this better?" The truth and importance of that struck me so much that I have never forgotten that.

  3. I haven't really looked into my husband's eye lately too. We are so busy with life that we are forgetting to do things that would make us reconnect! Sadly we have no chance yet as husband works 2 jobs! So I only see him in the morning with us both hurrying up him for work and me for school run. At night he is in a hurry to go to his 2nd job. *sigh*


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