Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Avon Body Illusions gets StyLIZed (plus a giveaway!)

Avon sent me some samples of their shapewear line called Body Illusions. I got leggings and a slimming tank, both of which I really like. I've been using Avon girdles since 2010 so I can attest to their quality and efficacy. Avon Body Illusions is comfy and lightweight, and yet because it's made of stretch nylon and spandex, your bulges get reined in. They have a Control Skirt, a Waist Cincher, an Underbra Top, Seamless Slimming Tank, Boyleg Shorts, High Waist Boyleg Shorts, High Waist Control Brief, Knee Length Shaper, Crop Leggings, Support Dress, and the amazing Swimsuit Dress. Do try Avon Body Illusions! Just call your Avon lady to order. My Avon lady is my old yaya.

Anyway! Top celebrity stylist Liz Uy has collaborated with Avon Body Illusions because Liz knows that one of the best secrets to looking stylish is a smooth silhouette. Whether you're curvy or skinny, if anything bulges out or looks droopy, no outfit is going to look good.

For more of Liz's style secrets, Avon sent me her book, StyLIZed, which I already have so I'm giving it away!!! I'll send na rin a Body Illusions product kasi ganyan ako ka-generous!

Just so you know, hindi ito sponsored post ng Avon or ni Liz. Hindi kami friends ni Liz, although we used to work together in Summit Media and I told her, "Why are you dating that guy??? Hindi kayo bagay!!!" I was referring to John Lloyd whose charms are so lost on me. Hindi ko talaga gets. Baka kaya hindi kami friends ni Liz dahil dun hahaha!

Anyway!!! How to win? Just leave a comment below with answers to these:
  1. Why do you want to win StyLIZed? (If your answer is "So I can join the #TopazReads book club!", you get extra points!
  2. What's the problem area in your body? Mine is my tummy. Sigh!
  3. What's your size? 
  4. How can I contact you? NO EMAIL ADDRESSES! No phone numbers, too. Just leave your Facebook account name or your Twitter/Instagram handle.

Okay. Contest will only be for one hour. YES! Contest ends at 12 midnight. Kasi kailangan ko na ipadala agad yung book at yung mystery Avon Body Illusions product sa winner sa lalong madaling panahon upang may panahon siya magbasa at nang makasali siya nang maayos sa book club discussion on March 16!

Good luck! Mwah!


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  1. Ever since Stylized came out, I wanted that book already but I don't have the money to buy it. Hihi. But, really, Iwant to have the book so bad. :) about the #TopazReads book club, I'm not sure if I can go since it's on Monday and I have OJT. but, I'll try to tell my supervisor if shecan let me go. Haha
    My size is small to medium.
    My problem areas are my tummy and shoulders. Payat man ako pero may bilbil. :D
    If ever I'll win (pleeeaaase) contact me on my
    Instagram: glaizabinayas
    Twitter: @glaizapixie

    Thank you !

  2. 1. I want to win the book so that I will learn fashion tips from the pro!
    2. Problem area: tummy!!
    3. Size Medium
    4. Twitter and instagram: meow_pao1

  3. Perfect timing when I opened my Twitter acct and saw your tweet about this! I really hope I win! LOL! Here are my answers:

    1. I've heard a lot of good things about StyLIZed and since I'm not the very fashionista kind, this might be my saving grace! Also, yes, I want to join the #TopazReads book club!

    2. Tummy! Gave birth 4 mos ago and I look like I'm 3 mos preggo again! :o

    3. I'm medium.

    4. Twitter/IG: cheezenibbles

    Thanks for this contest Topaz mom! <3

  4. 1.i want to win StyLIZed So I can join the #TopazReads book club and i love reading so much!
    2.problem area of my body,almost everything,lolz especially my tummy and thigh!
    4.ann gole cruz
    thank you!

  5. I just read your Girl Boss post. I thought we will all meet in one place to discuss books. Hahaha. And yes! I want to join Topaz Reads. I love reading, though, I read books on my Kindle app only and would only download free books. Hehe

  6. Why do you want to win StyLIZed? I'm a 22 year old office girl who is clueless when it comes to putting outfits together. Minsan okay, minsan sablay. Saklolo naman, Liz Uy and Frances! And also... so I can join the #TopazReads book club! ;P

    What's the problem area in your body? Tummy and thighs (or "pata" according to my mother, LOL)

    What's your size? Small

    How can I contact you? @jamango01 (twitter)

  7. 1. I want to join #TopazReads book club! And a big fan of Liz's styling
    2. Muffin top though i always wear fitted dress
    3. Medium size
    5. Fb charish geronimo, Instagram - sassyzeal
    Thanks ms. Frances!!