Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift idea from Fully Booked: Coloring books for grownups! (Plus, a giveaway!)


Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you'd know that adult coloring books are a big thing now. Huge. Like, my Facebook feed is full of people showing off their coloring pages. 

I'm obsessed with the Japanese patterns book!

So I hitched a ride on the adult coloring books bandwagon and, well, it's been fun. I wouldn't say I was relaxed by it, which is the main reason why this trend exploded—it's supposed to relieve us grown-ups from stress as it is a calming activity. I tried it but I think it's an activity meant to be done when you're all alone. Or when you're with fellow grownups. No kids bumping your elbow and thus messing up your work. No kids yelling at you to "Use this purple pencil on that fish, Mama!" No kids trying to destroy your house and so you get up in a rush to rescue the TV and then when you come back to your coloring activity, you find that the baby has picked up an angry orange marker and slashed away at your meticulously colored page. 

Yes, it's definitely an activity with no kids involved!

Still, I've been able to do a few pages and I did enjoy it. See here:
Used my favorite colors—orange and pink—and then used gold and silver, too.
My son Vito helped me color these "rainbow umbrellas." That's what he calls them. 
I'm still doing the sky page while Vito does the hills page. That's what he calls them, too!

I have a few more coloring books that I got from Fully Booked. Lemme share them with you so you can see what fun they are!

Fully Booked has a lot of adult coloring books that will suit various personalities. Check these out and see which one fits yours:
For the animal lover.
For the fan of all things pretty.
For the woman who is intentional in everything she does.
For people who like repetition and symmetry.

I'm the last type. I like patterns. For me, patterns are soothing. My mommy life is chaotic enough already so the repetition and predictability of patterns calm me. 

If you'd also like to join the adult coloring book craze, Fully Booked has great news for you! They have a promo right now called "My Colorful Christmas Raffle." Fifty (yes, that's 50!) lucky shoppers will win colorful prizes this holiday season! Here's how:
  • The promo runs from November 15 to December 15 at all Fully Booked Metro Manila branches. Participating branches include: Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, Fully Booked Alabang Town Center, Fully Booked Rockwell, Fully Booked Katipunan, Fully Booked SM Mall of Asia, Fully Booked SM Megamall, Fully Booked SM North EDSA, Fully Booked Trinoma, Fully Booked Greenhills, Fully Booked Greenbelt 5, Fully Booked Century City Mall, Fully Booked Eastwood Mall, Fully Booked Taft and Fully Booked Glorietta 3. 
  • Every P300 purchase on adult coloring books entitles the shopper one (1) raffle entry to join the My Colorful Christmas promo. Only single-receipt purchases are qualified to claim raffle entries. Receipts used for claiming raffle entries will be stamped in the back and any excess amount in the receipt will be considered void and cannot be used in the next redemption. 
  • Just show your original receipt/s to the Fully Booked Customer Service counter to verify the purchase and fill up the raffle entry/s. Drop completed entries in the designated My Colorful Christmas raffle drop box at the branch you’re in. Keep your raffle stubs safe as you’ll need this for claiming prizes. 
  • Fifty (50) winners will be drawn on Monday, December 21. Winners will be notified by registered email and other contact information provided in the entry. 
  • Prizes include a 10-piece coloring book set, coloring materials, Fully Booked gift certificates, and a 2016 Planner. 

So easy! Just buy coloring books worth at least P300, get a raffle ticket, and hope you win the fun prizes! 

But wait! Fully Booked sent me extra coloring books to give away to MY Loyal Readers! This is what I'm giving away:

It's so pretty! And you can win this book! All you have to do is leave a comment below completing this sentence: 

"My favorite color is __________ because __________."

That is all!!! I'll publish all the answers when contest ends so that no one copies or gets discouraged by the other answers, okay?

I'll pick five (5) of the best answers (my criteria—can be made me laugh, made me cry, made me think) on December 4! Then I'll announce the winners on my Facebook page. So I hope you like my Topaz Horizon page because you won't know you won unless you're a fan! Have fun! Good luck! Live colorfully!


1. Mary Louise Sanchez
2. Michelle Namilit
3. Ma. Cristina Marchan
4. Rhen E.
5. Lory Alba

Please send me a message on my Toapz Horizon Facebook page to claim your prize.

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  1. My favorite color is blue because it does not made me blue. ^_^

    God bless you and your beautiful family, Frances. Keep inspiring us! belated happy birthday!! :)

  2. My favorite color is yellow because it is associated with happiness, light and laughter. :)

  3. I've been meaning to join adult coloring craze because they said it helps reduce stress. But for now, I'm joining your raffle and try my luck :)

    "My favorite color is GREEN because it is the color of my birthstone emerald. Likewise, my wedding motif was green - sage green to be exact."

  4. My favorite color is pink because life is prettier in pink.

  5. My favorite color is yellow because of yellow 4 from Bioman! And it's a happy color as well. :)

    Lorellie Tamparong

  6. My favorite color is purple because it's not 'por you' nor 'por me'. It's purple. #Waley HAHA!

    1. CONGRATS! I picked you kasi sobra akong natawa haha corny pero bumenta haha

  7. My favorite color is blue because I love the clear blue skies, the beach in it's different shades and it's the color of my birthstone, Aquamarine :) which I also plan buying as a gift to my self since I turned 30 (adult age na, which means that adult coloring book fits me well...hahaha! ma-konek lang).

    Have fun always! Send my kisses your VIPs. God Bless! :)

  8. My favorite color is green because it reminds me of plants, forests, growth and that we have a wonderful world.

  9. My favorite color is pink because it draws attention without but is not overwhelming, and because it's the signature color of my all-time favorite movie character - Elle Woods.

  10. "My favorite color is pink because feeling teenager pa rin ako." lol Pink = love, beauty and romance.

  11. My favorite color is red because it represents love and braveness, two ingredients to being a great mom.

  12. My favorite color is black because it is distinct, definite, and has depth.

  13. Yellow! It's the all-life giving color of the sun! Haha. Well, seriously speaking, I like it because it's the happiest color! If emojis are colors, I'm sure the laughing one is yellow. 💛

  14. "My favorite color is violet because it stimulates my imagination and dreams. You can only achieve this color by combining blue and red. By mixing cool and warm color it encourages creative pursuits. Violet adds magic to my artwork."

    1. CONGRATS! I picked you because you said you have artwork. I'm sure you'll really use the coloring book! =)

  15. My favorite color is RED because it reminds me of food (Mcdo, Jollibee, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc...hehehe) plus my inner Chinese and subconscious craves for that color. I used to love blue but I always end up getting something red until I finally embrace it and made my life easier.

  16. My favorite color is GOLD because it sparkles :) <3

  17. My favorite color is RED because it is the color of extremes. It's the color that represents the good and the bad of the world and humanity. It symbolizes passion, courage, love and at the same time anger, violence and hatred.

    1. CONGRATS! I picked you because I like how you pointed out how one color can be seen in many ways. Like us people! So no one should judge anybody on their appearance! =)

  18. My favorite color is violet because it stimulates my imagination and dreams. You can only achieve this color by combining blue and red. By mixing cool and warm color it encourages creative pursuits. Violet adds magic to my artwork.

  19. My favorite color is green because I'm a natural peacemaker! =)

  20. My favorite color is blue because my life is like a burning fire.

    the bluer it is the hotter it gets.

    1. CONGRATS! I picked you because you're right—scientifically speaking, blue is the hottest color, not red! =)

  21. My favorite color is RED simply because it is the color of BLOOD! :-)
    Yes, BLOOD! Since I belong to the medical profession, I always encounter BLOOD, from the beginning of my nursing studies until I became a full-fledged nurse! Thus, I think it's already part of my life and will always be! :-)

    RED is also the first primary color that a baby of a few weeks old can see! Wow! A really special color that can be associated with our little ones! ;-)

    Some people may say that it is the color of LOVE! Of course, it is, but for me it is the COLOR of LIFE! Since our BLOOD flows all over our body to sustain us with the nutrients and oxygen that we need so we can continue to live each and everyday! :-)

    RED symbolizes PASSION - a strong emotion, an intense desire...and this PASSION is what drives me to be the best that I can be! :-)

    This color also means BRAVERY, the character the describes me as a person - strong, determined and full of will power! :-)

    Lastly, RED for me is for ANGER! That is why my favorite idiomatic expression whenever I am mad is "I see RED"! :-)

    1. CONGRATS! I picked you because what an informative post! =D

  22. My favorite color is Turquoise because it is the color of my birthstone! - JP Antiporda :)

  23. My favorite color is red because red is the color of mayaman just like Kris Aquino said lol. And it is the color of love,love,love with laugh (mimicking Kris!).I love red so much I feel happy every time I'm wearing red (birthday celebrant? 😁 or Happy Valentine? )hahhaha.