Tuesday, February 09, 2016

I earned this life

Just squeezing in a quick note while I breathe between two deadlines for sponsored posts for Topaz Mommy, which is, by the way, nominated for Best Parenting Blog at Blogopolis. Yey! Please vote for me!
I get this a lot: "Sarap naman maging blogger. Wala kang ginagawa pero binabayaran ka!" 
Guys, I've been blogging since 2006. Two thousand and six. It took me 10 years to get here. I built my audience by reading and leaving great comments on 30 similar blogs and websites a day, and sharing my posts on every social media platform I have. I did all that while I worked at my day job as a magazine editor. Now, as a full-time blogger (and part-time magazine editor!), I hustle with brands and agencies every day. I write late at night after taking care of my kids all day.
I put in the hours. I gave up my secure corporate job. I built my dream life. I earned all this through sheer hard work. 
This blogging business was not built in a day. Not one big blogger in the world got rich and famous overnight. So if you want to blog to become rich and famous, don't do it. For blogging to be successful, as with everything, you need to work hard. I'm not even rich and famous yet and I already cry from exhaustion just building and maintaining my blogs. Imagine the work that the huge bloggers do!

Respect success, not because it's shiny and dazzling, but because it demanded so much from the person and she delivered. 
Now I gotta go. I've got work to do!


  1. Breathe in and out :) I get the same line from people who think just because I work in the medical field, I'm swimming in cash daily. It took hard work and many tears to reach this point in my life and I haven't finished training yet! Smile and enjoy :)

    1. Oh, I'm not mad haha There was a time (in 2010 haha) when comments like that annoyed me. Now, not anymore. I don't have the time!!! I just remembered it because I saw a comment of a blogger somewhere online and she's wondering why she's not earning from blogging yet. She's been blogging for 6 months na raw. Aba, hija, marami ka pang bigas na kakainin! =D

      And yes, I have friends who are doctors and they're still struggling financially. It takes years to build a practice! Respect!

  2. Very well said. You are an inspiration to me. God bless you more :)

  3. very-well said! I agree 101%. 6 months? maraming-maraming bigas pa siya kakainin at maraming-maraming "makabuluhang" salita pa syang isusulat sa blog nya bago nya maabot ang sinasabi nyang "earning from blogging" hehehehe

  4. you deserve your success, Ms. F :) and not all bloggers are as honest as you are :D

  5. Agree! Keep inspiring us, Frances!


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