Thursday, February 11, 2016

My favorite style peg: Barbie

The famous doll made a big change recently. Barbie has come out in new forms—curvy, short, petite and tall—in response to deafening criticism of her impossible and unattainable figure. I don't know why people would bully a doll.

I mean, I had a Raggedy Ann doll and I never ever grew up thinking it's unfair that I don't have her red-orange yarn hair, large round head, shapeless body, and fingerless hands. And yes, I had two Barbie dolls, too, and I also never thought it was unfair that I had a vagina and Barbie didn't. I didn't go, "Barbie must have a vagina because if she didn't, then I can't relate to her and I will have serious issues with my vagina because my doll doesn't have one."

In fact, Barbie was such a good influence on me! All Barbie ever taught me was I can be anything and everything I want—have a career most especially!—while looking fantabulous!

That's why I'm so happy that Barbie has an Instagram account. I can stalk her outfits!

Now, I just got rid of half my wardrobe. The KonMari method said get rid of everything that doesn't spark joy. That would be my ENTIRE wardrobe. We can't have that. So I kept some while I earn enough money to shop for new clothes. I've decided on going black, white and gray. It's simpler.

Here are my style pegs:
Full skirt, button-up shirt. 

Okay, I know I said no more colors in my closet but black and white look so nice with pink! Besides, black-white-pink-gold will be the look of the new Topaz Horizon. Maybe my wardrobe should reflect that, too!

Okay, I know I said no more color but I'm also liking red and orange!

I love how she repeats outfits! That means she has a capsule wardrobe of classics that she mixes and matches and accessorizes so that her looks seem endless.

So my style to-do list is:
1. Create a capsule wardrobe of classic pieces in black and white.
2. Add a few pieces in bold colors like pink, red and orange.
3. Invest in big Hollywood-style shades!
4. Invest in chunky gold pieces and statement shoes.
5. Invest in a hairstylist hahaha

Follow Barbie on Instagram! It's @barbiestyle. I love her photos so much! You've got to check out her feed this February—it's all Zoolander!!!

*photos from @barbiestyle at Instagram


  1. I saw the Zoolander Barbie pics on Ben Stiller's Instagram a few days ago. They're funny.

  2. I agree with you - I don't know why people have to mess with Barbie and come out with those different body types. I don't think children grow up thinking I need to look like a Barbie figure. It's adults thinking too much of a doll!

    Anyway I love love love those styles of Barbie! So gorgeous! In fact, after reading your post, I just went on IG and followed Barbie Styles! :)


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