Sunday, February 28, 2016

Iñigo contemplates love

My three-year-old boy came up to me carrying a small box of raisins. "Mama, this is for you. I'll put it in your bag so when you get hungry, you can have a snack."

I stared at Iñigo and marveled at his thoughtfulness. "Oh, Iñigo! You love me!"

"Of course I do," he said while stuffing the box of raisins into my handbag. "My brain loves you. My hair loves you. My eyes love you. My tummy loves you. My legs love you."

Then he stopped what he was doing, turned to me with his eyes all big and wide.

"Mama! My whole body loves you! Even my feet! Why?"

"This is a scary feeling. Is there something wrong with me?"

I hugged him super tight and said, "Yeah, love is scary but it's the bestest, biggest, most beautiful feeling in the world!"

And he sat there in my arms then said, "I'm not scared to love you, Mama. And Papa and Vito and baby. I'm brave. I can do it!"

Yes, you can, my darling boy. Yes, you can!


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    1. I kinda died and went to heaven myself! He's really malambing with his words. He's not affectionate, like he doesn't kiss and hug—he doesn't like physical stuff. But he likes to help me cook, he likes staying near me, stuff like that =)

  2. This is more than an "aww" moment. You are blessed beyond measure! Grabe this had me teary-eyed! Love is indeed the best feeling!

    1. I was very moved, too. My son LOVES me! It was so strange to see him grappling with the enormity of his emotion!

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    1. I know! His older brother Vito didn't even start talking till he was almost 3! Iñigo was talking at 2. He's generally a quiet boy but he loves to talk at bedtime. He will ask questions or talk about God, life, bowel movements, drawing and zombies on and on for about two hours!

  4. Aaww. His choice of words... what an old soul. :) Looks like his love language is Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. You're a sweetheart Iñigo! :)

  5. Aaaaaaw Inigo! I pray that when you grow up, you would continue to grow in God's love. Hugs!

  6. I made my husband read this and he teared up too 😀 what a sweet, sweet boy! 😍

  7. OMG this kid! He has far better words than I!! ♡♡♡

  8. Hi Ms. Frances! This blog really captured my attention. I may not an avid reader of yours b'coz im a full time mom to my twinboys but if i have spare time i love to visit your blog and read (not all) but mostly of your blog. Anyway, lets go back to the topic why this blog of yours is my favorite one. Simple, as a mom of twinboys i see you as an inspiration in raising your boys. The fact that he is only 2 years! You and your husband is raising your boys so well. In this blog of yours i remember the story of Little Nutbrown Hare having a conversation with his mom. "Guess how much i love you", is the title of the book and since i became a mom that book is already my favorite. I am waiting also for my twins to grow up and will hear them saying "i love you" to me. Aw, best thing ever:) Thank you so much for insipring us Mommy Frances:)

  9. I read this before and nakakatuwa po Mommy Frances na shinare mo ulit sa facebook. Nakakatunaw namang tunay si Iñigo. Napaka-lambing na bata. Sabagay kahit naman sina Vito at Piero��


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