Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Piero's 2nd birthday party!!!

Hello everybody! Here comes the traditional post-birthday photo essay!!!

But, first, a refresher: My youngest boy, Piero, celebrated his second birthday last Sunday. It was a tiny affair, just us the parents and the bros. Since the kids wake up really early, we (that's Vince and me) had no choice but to do the birthday party before 8am. So we're super groggy and sleepy while the kids are so energetic and excited!

Look! Super ready na si Piero! Nice shirt, nice hair!

And the cake is here! Happy birthday, Piero! Happy birthday, Piero!

Happy birthday, happy birthday...

Happy birthday, Piero! Now make a wish, sweetheart!

And may all your heart's desires come true!

He's so pogi!

He's so happy!

Now for the requisite attempts at family photos:

That wasn't so bad, although I should've brushed my hair haha

Piero and his Papa.

Piero and his dinosaurs. We were supposed to have a Hulk Smash! party but I didn't have the energy to make Hulk stuff. So, since Piero loves Peppa Pig's brother George who loves dinosaurs, we did dinosaurs!

And here come the gifts!

You can tell he's pretty pleased with his big gift!

But he let his brothers assemble it because he's the boss like that.

Then playtime!!!

They spent the rest of the day playing! And for the next few days, too. Our house is littered with toy cars and baby boys yelling and having a grand time. So it's still Piero's birthday here at home!

Happy birthday again, dear Piero! We love you!


  1. Happy birthday, Piero! Your boys are sooo adorable!!! #goals haha

  2. Happy birthday, little boy! :) Super gwapo Piero!

  3. Happy birthday Piero! The boys are so adorable. I love Piero's wide-eyed gaze to his Kuya while assembling his big gift :)

  4. Homaygad he is so cute!! He has Inigo's chubby cheeks and Vito's eyes! They're all so adorbs! Happy birthday again, Mr. Pogi! :)

  5. Happy birthday, Piero! Ang bilis niyo lumaki! :*

  6. Happy birthday, Piero! Parang kelan lang :)


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