Tuesday, August 09, 2016

My boys are learning street dance moves at Elan Ballet Pilates Studio!

We had such a fun weekend!

My kids are now learning how to dance. I mean, they dance a lot. Since they were babies, they just hear music and they start contorting their bodies, twisting this way and that, and jumping and hopping, and basically loving life and music! I love it when my kids dance. So when a dance studio opened up nearby, well, we just had to check it out. And I'm so glad we did because my boys had so much fun, they asked if they can go to dance class every day!

Elan Ballet Pilates Studio is a big sunlit dance and fitness studio in the Sparta Complex along Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong. My friend, the beautiful ballerina, Philippine Ballet Theatre artistic council member, and Pilates instructor Cathee Lee Roslovstev, owns Elan, and I'm so happy that she has this place to share her love of dance and the strength and grace of the human body.
Cathee, our photos together are always pregnant and with arms full of babies!

I'm also so happy that Cathee makes sure every dance class is fun! Check out my kids at their street dance class:

Piero is still too young to take the street dance class so he was his older brothers' water boy and cuddle provider when the boys took breaks. He entertained himself with lots of running around the studio while waiting for his brothers to finish.

Here's Vito after dance class. Maybe he can do ballet, too!

Can't wait to take them back to dance class. They got so hungry and tired, they gobbled up their dinner without talking or getting up from the table and they fell asleep before 8! Mommy me and daddy Vince are sooooo happy!

Elan Ballet Pilates Studio also offers these classes: ballet for adults and kids, jazz for kids and teens, salsa, street dance for kids and teens, tap dancing, Zumba, and STOTT Pilates. I'm going to attempt Pilates, guys. Maybe that's what will finally get me off my flat ass!

Special announcements!

Moms of kids aged 2 to 4 years old! There's a free trial class for our kids on Sunday, August 14. Through music, movement and dance, kids can learn rhythm, develop motor skills, and enjoy play time with mommy! Click here for more details on the FREE Kinderdance class this Sunday.

Meanwhile, if you're a babywearing mama, there's a dance especially made for you this August 14, too. Bring your baby wrapped around you and have fun dancing. Your baby will love the rocking movements and your closeness while you get a workout. Click here for more details on the FREE Babywearing dance class this Sunday.

For the class schedules, fees, and more info on Elan Ballet Pilates Studio, check out their website or follow them on Facebook. See you at Elan!

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