Tuesday, August 16, 2016

At the Mommy Meet Up by Pampers Pants and Gymboree

This post is brought to you by Pampers Baby-Dry Pants.

Last Sunday, my second son Iñigo and I trooped over to Glorietta 5 to check out the Mommy Meet Up event thrown by the new Pampers Baby-Dry Pants and Gymboree. At 4, Iñigo has long stopped wearing diapers but he tagged along anyway, as proxy to his baby brother Piero, who was napping that rainy afternoon and so stayed home, snug in bed.

What Iñigo and I saw:
  • A mom-and-dad-and-baby-packed event! 
  • A cute play area plus fun activities for kids by Gymboree, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary. Happy anniversary, Gymboree!
  • Pampers Ambassadors Andi Manzano and her baby girl Olivia demonstrating the powers of the new Pampers Baby-Dry Pants.
  • Gymboree moms Andi, author Teresa Dumadag, and actress Say Alonzo talking about motherhood.
  • Snacks like sorbetes, pop corn and fries for everyone!

And here's what we learned about the new Pampers Pants:
  1. When baby becomes a toddler, changing his diaper can become an Olympic event! I've been chasing after naked toddlers since 2011! That's the secret to my slim physique haha. 
  2. After catching your toddler to put on his diaper, the struggle to strap him in is again a Herculean challenge! All you want to do is put his diaper on while all he wanst to do is play! Now playtime is vital to baby’s development so let's keep the diaper interruption as brief as possible!
  3. This wasn't talked about at the event but I'm adding it: Pants help our kids signify their readiness to potty train. How? If they can start pulling down their pants! That's one of the markers that a child is aware of the need to go to the toilet. So put him in pants! 
Even though the event was to launch Pampers Pants to the public, Piero's actually already been using the Pants for a weeks now. I'm writing a review for EverydayMe.com so watch for that review there. Meanwhile, here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the new diaper:
  • Step 1: STRETCH IT! It features an all-round stretchy waistband and flexible leg cuffs that ensures a snug and comfy fit so baby can move around without fear of spills! The Magic Gel absorbs liquid 30x its weight while the Soft Touch-Dry Layer and breathable back sheet keep baby's skin free from irritation.
  • Step 2: PUT IT ON FAST! Just put one leg at a time and pull up. Pants!
  • Step 3: TEAR OFF QUICK! Just tear off at the sides and throw away.
If you have a toddler in the house, #MoveUpToPampersPants! Yes, it's a hashtag. I'm guessing it's for when you want to show off your little one's tushy in pants on your social feeds. Like this pic, for example:
Piero and his Papa lounging. My bunso is a big boy now. Time to #MoveUpToPampersPants!

Pampers Baby-Dry Pants is available at your favorite supermarkets, grocery shops and drugstores at these prices: 
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Medium (20’s): 204 PHP SRP
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large (18’s): 214 PHP SRP
Pampers Baby Dry Pants XLarge (16’s): 214 PHP SRP
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large (14’s): 214 PHP SRP

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