Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's inside my Kate Spade bag and Cath Kidston everyday kits

Say hello to my favorite bag, the Kate Spade Holden Street Lanie satchel.
I have this in two colors: this absolutely perfect pink and a beautiful black. I was thinking of getting it in cobalt blue, white, and red, too. But after only a few months in the stores and online, it was gone. Sigh. I love it so much!

Anyway, I'm not doing a bag review (unless you want me to!). I'm going to show you what's inside my everyday bag and kit. Here's a peek!

As you can see, I don't bring a lot. This is actually already a lot. I used to bring everything in a clutch. But since I've added a few more things, I moved to a bigger bag. Here's what's inside:
My Charles & Keith wallet, my iPhone 6 phone in a Kate Spade case, my Beauty Biz Bliss business cards in a Ni-QUA card case in smooth dark green leather, my little sketchbook for my #waiting sketches (check it out on my Instagram), my shopping sack, and my two Cath Kidston cases.

That's it!

I'm a recent convert to Cath Kidston. I'm more of a Kate Spade than a Cath Kidston but this pretty floral print is so classic and feminine but not too cloying.

I love it. In fact, I have a coffee mug in this print, too.

What's inside the pouch: Tod's keyring (the circle medal is from a Topaz Horizon reader), Ventolin inhaler, Happy Skin lipstick, Maybelline pressed powder foundation, Biogenic alcohol spray, my ballpoint pen, a flat flashlight (that's the orange square with "blessings"), and the access pass to our condominium complex. That's it!

What's inside the sunglasses case: my power bank and USB stick! I got this idea from a Buzzfeed article on travel hacks. It works fine for me!

So that's your little peek into my things! What's in yours?


  1. Your Cath Kidston purses are so nice! I was gonna ask if the eyeglass case can fit a chunky pair of sunglasses but then you used it for your power bank hehe. Would love to read a review of your Kate Spade bag!:)

  2. Bag review plez! I also love Kate Spade and Cath Kidston. I bought a Hamilton sa outlet dahil may crossbody strap because I have a toddler, kaso ambigat haha!

  3. Love the bag, and the inside is so organized! I used to use those bag organizers, then switched to pouches too.

    What's the reason behind the USB flash drive? :)

    My bag's been so heavy since I became a mom!

    1. Thanks! I wish I can say the same for my diaper bag. No matter what I do with that bag, it always ends up so messy and sticky then I can't find anything! =D

      The USB is for when I meet with clients and then they'll say they'll email me something. I just give them the stick and say, "Put it na here." =)

    2. Aha! Oo nga naman. :) More convenient!

      I re-read your post and saw the "flat" flashlight. Where'd you get that? My mom has a small flashlight in her purse too, but something lightweight might be better!

    3. Bigay lang siya sa akin! But malamang may ganito sa National Book Store =)


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