Saturday, October 15, 2016

What's inside my Bobbi Brown collection

Hi to all my beautiful readers (and you are all beautiful!)! This year is Bobbi Brown's 25th anniversary so I was inspired to share my Bobbi Brown makeup collection. A little sneak peek because I want to celebrate my love for the brand and for the woman who started it all.
I always loved the simple font against the black.

I learned to do my own makeup when I visited the Bobbi Brown makeup counter at Rustan's Makati almost 10 years ago. Never knew how to put on makeup, never could afford makeup, and the few makeup products I tried back then always gave my face a rash. I guess that's because I could only afford cheap makeup haha. Then I became a magazine editor and a major job requirement was to attend all these glam events. So I did. But the PR people kept mistaking me for some kid trying to gate crash their events! So my beauty editor friends said I needed to put on a bit of makeup and dress up a little. So I did.

My first stop was Rustan's Makati because they had a lot of chic beauty counters. But that also meant they were incredibly intimidating to me, someone who never used makeup. The Bobbi Brown makeup counter had a little sign that said they offered makeup lessons for free. For free! No purchase necessary! So I nervously sat down and asked for help. And help me, they did! I was gently coached on what shades looked good on me, what my basic kit should be, and how to apply makeup.

Changed my life!

Not a lot. Just the basics!

I started collecting Bobbi Brown makeup, I got all her books, I try to support Bobbi Brown every chance I could even if I don't really get anything from them save for lovely samples now and then. I like to help them because they helped me first. I don't think the girls at Bobbi Brown Rustan's Makati in 2007 realized how they helped me find my confidence as a new editor trying to make it in a world I didn't belong to. That one hour in their beauty counter helped me rise in my career because in that glam world, beauty matters.

I'm no longer part of that world but beauty still matters but now it matters not as a tool to climb the career ladder. It now matters to me because I like looking pretty. Full stop. I don't do it for anyone or for anything. It's just for me! I don't even put on makeup a lot. Just foundation, concealer, eyebrow powder, and lipstick. Basics. I'm not very good doing more than that!

Anyway, that's my little story for today! Happy 25th anniversary, Bobbi Brown! Thanks for changing my life!


  1. I'm in love with Bobbi Brown too even if I only get to try their products in their makeup counters. I'm so grateful I was able to attend your workshop last year (for four eyed girls). What I like about Bobbi Brown is how she makes beauty easy, with no frou frous. Bobbi Brown is in my makeup bucket list, for sure!😊

  2. Wow, that's a great story! I love transformation stories :) I actually started my own blog after being inspired from local beauty blogs I used to stalk because I wanted to learn how to do my own makeup. And then the PR firm I work with enrolled me to a Personal Makeup course in Maquillage kasi syempre, as you said, dapat polished kapag may events :)


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