Sunday, December 18, 2016

OMG. Duck ham!

Our Noche Buena will be super extra special because I am serving True Deli Peking Duck Ham. And it is the most delicious ham I have ever tasted. Ever!

Kinda strange to call a duck a ham when ham is the upper part of a pig's luscious leg which is preserved through salting, drying or smoking. So I'm going to just accept that ham is now also a bird. And what a bird!

Take a look:

I also got True Deli's Pinoy Pork Ham and we're finishing it off na. As in now pa lang I already opened the big box, sliced it, fried it, and served it. With rice, in sandwiches, in omelettes, and today I'm slicing that ham into cubes for my macaroni salad. It's such a big ham, though, so we're still working through that who leg of sweet, juicy meat. And you know what—kahit ilang ulit ko nang ininit, it's still juicy. It didn't become dry and stringy. Sobrang sarap pa rin!

Mommies, may kamahalan yung duck ham but it is so WORTH IT!!! Like, mapapapikit ka sa sarap. It is that good! Plus, it's also gahigante so sulit. This is not a sponsored review! If wala pa kayong ham for Noche Buena or for New Year's Eve, get the True Deli hams. Get both the Peking Duck and the Pinoy Ham! Pasayahin ang buong pamilya!

True Deli Cafe
Victoria Station 1 South Triangle
EDSA Kamuning, Quezon City
(Beside GMA 7)
Tel no. 441-8560
Mobile no. 0917 524-3815

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