Monday, December 26, 2016

A truly adorable Christmas story

For my sake, I'm sharing this absolutely adorable Christmas story that's gone viral, so I can always have it on my blog and I'll always watch it whenever I want to. But I'm also sharing it with you if you haven't seen it yet because, mommies, you have GOT to watch it! It's not accurate but it's still true. And hilarious! And soooo adorable.

Dearest mommies, the Christmas story according to kids:

So now my kids think that Mary was doing laundry when she got pregnant with the baby Jesus. Oh well! Be ready to explain a lot to your kids when you watch this with them. We had to talk about the whole Christmas story, like the real one in the Bible, after watching this, and my sons still insist they like the part of Mary doing laundry when she got the good news. So we're still talking about that. We all do agree on the last line of the video:

"The new baby is going to change the world."

Oh yes, yes He did. He changed mine and I hope He changes yours, my dear Loyal Readers. May you accept Jesus Christ in your weary, wonderful hearts and let Him lead you to a life of abundance, joy, and peace that passes all understanding.

From our family to yours, we wish you, "Merry Christmas!"

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