Sunday, January 22, 2017

Quirky Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Many of my readers tell me they discovered my blog because they were looking for intimate birthday party ideas for their babies. For reasons ranging from no budget to not liking their relatives haha, many mommies didn't want to throw huge parties. But because of our culture's penchant for throwing wildly extravagant fetés for babies, these moms wondered if anyone in the Philippines actually threw tiny birthday parties and didn't die of humiliation afterwards. Aaaaaand that's how they found me! Hooray!  

I'm not throwing shade at big parties, okay? I imagine that if my circumstances had been different (ex. my babies liked strangers, my kids and their cousins were the same age, friends were also having babies, my house was bigger, I had lotsa extra money, etc), maybe I'd have thrown huge parties, too. In fact, we did try a big party for Iñigo and that was fantastic, but we all decided after that that the smallest parties had the biggest fun! 

This year, however, my kids are turning 7, 5 and 3. They have more friends now and want big birthday parties. So as early as now, the kids are throwing me their suggestions for their parties—some crazy (a Ghostbusters party with real ghosts), some blah (Avengers party. Again.). As a working mama, I want my kids to have the birthday parties they want but done with lotsa fun and creativity and definitely within a reasonable budget.   

What are your plans for your kid's birthday party, mommies? Why not try something a bit out of the ordinary this year? There are some tried-and-true themes that kids always love, from superheroes to Disney characters. But putting a fun and quirky twist on the usual birthday party can give your children something to remember plus let your own creativity shine. Here are a few ideas to help you get started with planning the perfect event. 

Cooking Party
This is something my little chef Iñigo will enjoy. Kids love getting messy in the kitchen. If you have a smaller group on hand to make this manageable, you could make the main activity a cooking session. Whether it’s decorating cupcakes and cookies or making their own pizzas, the kids can get creative and learn some new skills in the process. You could extend the theme to the party’s decorations and costumes. Dress up with chef hats, and let the kids customise and take home their own aprons as a party favor. 

Detective Party 
My kids have discovered that silly Inspector Gadget and also love the investigative skills of the Ghostbusters. So let your guests unleash their inner super sleuths with a detective-themed party. If you’re a lover of murder mystery dinner parties, this would be the junior equivalent! Create your own clues and scatter them around the house for a different twist on a scavenger hunt. Costumes could include Sherlock-inspired caps, magnifying glasses and fake moustaches. Crafts can involve invisible ink, allowing guests to solve the crime. 

Science Party 
I love this idea for my eldest son Vito because he's started asking a lot of questions about how things work. Make the most of children’s natural curiosity by throwing a science-themed party. You could set up a few basic experiments or a more outlandish mad-scientist themed party. With this one, part of the fun is in planning the decorations! There are also sorts of science-themed treats that you could dish up, including frog-shaped cookies and juice served in beakers or test tubes. Add in some fun fancy dress including lab coats, goggles, and wacky wigs, and you’ll have a mad science blast. 

Fairy-tale Theme
Princess- or Disney-inspired themes are always top of the heap for little girls’ birthday parties. But my boys like fairy tales, too! My littlest boy Piero loves being read to and enjoys fairy tales and fables so a fairy-tale party would be great for him. You could give this idea a unique twist by picking a specific fable or fairy tale. For example, choose Goldilocks and the Three Bears as your theme and you could transform your home into the abode of the bear family. Place different-sized chairs around so that guests can find the size that’s “just right,” along with porridge-inspired treats and whimsical woodland décor.

These are just a few top ideas to help you start flexing your own creative muscle – ask your child for input and you may be able to find the perfect theme! 

For a look back at my kids' tiny parties, see here:


  1. I will take note of your suggestions. My kids love small and intimate birthday parties too.

    1. I feel that small parties are kinder to kids because they don't end up too excited, overwhelmed, and tired. =)

  2. I'm currently planning my son's 7th bday party!! And since he's been obsessed with dinosaurs, we're having a Jurassic World theme. I'm going to DIY most of the decors so crossing my fingers it turns out good!! #thanksPinterest haha!

    1. Ooh! My eldest is turning 7 this year, too =D Are you going to make your son help you DIY his party? =)

  3. What a brilliant, informative, and timely post! Thanks!! Look at all these fun ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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