Thursday, January 19, 2017

A New Year, a new you? Work-from-home careers for busy moms

It won't come as any surprise to my readers that being a mom is a full-time job. As a mom, we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our job never ends! Whether you're a full-time homemaker, a work-from-home mommy, or a mom who goes to an office, we never stop working at all. That is the truth.

Many mommies tell me they wish they can work from home, just like I do. (Meanwhile, now that my youngest son has weaned, I'm thinking maybe it's time to go back to corporate!) But many of them also tell me they don't want to be a blogger like me. I totally understand—sometimes I don't want to mine my life for business opportunities, too! Sometimes the need for privacy takes over, you know? That's why I'm steering my blog away from my mommy life and to a space for working mamas. 

So what other options are there for moms who want to be with their kids and earn money at the same time, but don't want to be bloggers? The good news is that there are plenty of career paths now available for moms to work from home all day. Let's take a look at some of them.

Realtor or Appraiser
Real estate agents are usually able to set their own schedules and often expect their employees to be able to work at the evening and on weekends. The job of an appraiser is to calculate the value of property by comparing it to similar properties in the same area. The job requires some training and certification, so you'll want to start thinking about it now if you plan to become one before the end of the year. The pay is good, and there are lots of benefits.

My friend, Kabbie Alipio, is in real estate. She used to be a fashion editor (that's how we met, when we were both editors for OK! magazine), and then her husband asked her maybe she can help with his growing real estate business. So she jumped ship. She now earns so much more than she ever did in publishing and she gets to be with her adorable daughter, Kelly. Best work-life balance!
Get Kabbie to help you find your dream home via Upside PH.

So try real estate, mommies!

Hairdresser or Makeup Artist
Women are always going to demand services from people who can help them achieve the look that they want. This means that there is a lot of demand for beauticians, like hairdressers, makeup artists, and mani-pedicurists. The great thing about beauticians is that they are able to work from home and work flexibly around their own timetable. The most successful beauticians, hairdressers, and makeup artists are those who specialize in particular areas, like weddings. Rates of pay tend to be higher for things like weddings and special events.

One of the best wedding makeup artists I know is Jasmine Mendiola. We also met in the magazine world, when Jas used to be the fashion and beauty editor for Total Girl, and sometimes I'd ask her to contribute to OK!. Jas has since left for more lucrative work in advertising and events. She also does beauty workshops. She writes beauty articles. She's a stylist. She's also an in-demand makeup artist and hairstylist for brides. Whew! Despite her busy schedule, she still gets to spend lots of time with her kids, Mio and Roux. 
Check out Jasmine's work at Jasmine Mendiola.

So try the beauty industry, mommies! You can do nail art, waxing, massages—all of these pay so much! 

Interior Designer or Home Stylist
If you have a passion for interior design, then becoming an interior designer is a good option. Although education and training are usually preferred, there are plenty of opportunities in the markets for people who just have a passion for decor. Most people succeed in the interior design industry by focusing on one or two very lucrative clients and ensuring that they meet their needs. 

A mommy interior designer who endlessly surprises me is Camyl Besinga. She used to be the managing editor of Cosmopolitan (that's why I know her). She's also in a band. She's a stylist, too. And did I mention that she's an interior designer? Like, what can this woman not do?! She also has a cutie little girl!
Check out Camyl's work at Gal At Home.

So try interior design, mommies! You can also start a home-cleaning service, a gardening biz, or make products for the home!

Most people think that accountancy is a job that has to be done in a big office. But as an accountant, you can actually work for yourself from home, allowing you to do things like preparing clients' taxes and creating financial reports. In addition, you are able to work flexibly, or even part time if you wish. Most accountants start out with a bachelor's degree in accounting, but you don't have to start out this way. You can also start as an assistant for an established accountant. What's more, there is plenty of training online through people like the CPA Exam Guy

Haha, okay for this job, I have no friend to give as an example. I don't know any mommy who is an accountant! I guess former editors may branch into a lot of things but finance is way too far from the spectrum! But do try accountancy, mommies! My goodness, I've been looking for an accountant and bookkeeper forever to help with my business books. There is a HUGE market out there for freelancers and sole proprietors like me. I finally have an accountant but he's a he so I can't feature him as a working mama!

If you're wondering how you can grow your business if you're stuck at home, don't lose heart! The first place you could look to build your customer base is your family and friends. Try your community, too. Try your online community—I find this very effective. Use Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to tell people about your work. The best way to have a cheap shop and office? A blog that features your work! So try blogging, too! Good luck, mommies! 

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