Sunday, February 19, 2017

A peek at Tod's Women's SS 2017 collection

I've always loved the classic lines of Tod's bags so I just had to check out the new Spring-Summer 2017 collection!

This is the Sella. The leather is firm but soft. I can't explain it! But I love it. I love the contrast stitching details, too. Must have this!

This is the Tod's Twist. Sleek modern lines but made more fun with the tassel and cube accessories. It's a lovely handbag that you pull apart so you can see everything in your bag. See those silver buttons at the sides? That's the hinge. I love that the bag opens up like a glorious box. Another must have!

This Wave bag and its baby companion are so neon orange, it's crazy! I love that vivid orange! Totally a signature piece.

Since Tod's bags have very simple designs, if you want something more fun, the luxury Italian brand has a collection of bag charms for you.

Here's a better look at the collection:

Tod's Bauletto:

Tod's Bauletto handbag:

Tod's Double T bag:

Double T Petite bags:

 Tod's Wave bag:

 Tod's Micro Bauletto:

And then here am I with my Tod's D Bag. YES! I finally have one! After all these years, I found it at an online store in Japan! The size and color and exact model I want!
I was supposed to use it for work but I've found that it makes a great diaper bag because it's roomy and sturdy. Yep. I finally buy my dream bag and it ends up being a diaper bag!

Anyway. To see more of the Tod's Women's SS 2017 collection, visit their website, Tod's is available at Rustan's Shangri-la Plaza and Greenbelt 4.

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