Thursday, February 02, 2017

Power on, moms!

I found this old video that encourages moms to get fit and be healthy. It's about telling moms not to quit going to the gym or exercising, even when it seems impossible. But when I watched it now, I found myself moved to tears because it applies to all aspects of our life as mothers.

The house always needs cleaning, the laundry always piles up, the cooking always needs to be done, the dishes always need to be washed. The bills are endless, the kids' needs never end, the husband can't be neglected, the friendships and family relationships need to be maintained. IT. NEVER. ENDS.

And do you know what good moms do anyway? We get up even when we're tired. We wipe the endlessly runny noses. We pick up the toys on the floor which will again end up on the floor. We cook another meal that will most probably be rejected by the picky eaters. We spend precious time with our husbands even when we're collapsing with exhaustion. We dress up, put on make up, brush our hair even when we'd rather sleep. We manage the house. We go to another day at work. We mother. We go on.

It doesn't end. And I know we get tired and cry and we complain but we know deep inside we never want it to end. We never want it to end because this is the life we've chosen, this is the life we own, and it's not easy but it's worth it.

"I know I didn't always listen but, mommy, I was always watching and I saw that for you, quitting was not an option."

Don't give up, dearest mommy. We moms never quit. Power on, power through. Sending you my mommy energy! Send me yours, too!

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