Friday, May 26, 2017

My back-to-school haul from National Book Store!

This post is brought to you by National Book Store.

I am DONE with my back-to-school shopping! Uniforms, check! School books, check! School supplies, check! And more happily, I even got to buy some stuff FOR ME because shopping for others is definitely more fun if you get yourself some treats, too. Am I right, moms?

For me, National Book Store is THE source for all the best deals on school supplies. This year, I found Grab & Go packs. Yes, just grab a pre-assembled kit for your specific need! For example, I grabbed the Grade 1-3 pack because it’s just what my little boys need. I love these because it’s so thoughtful! Instead of us moms going around the aisles, hunting down individual items, they’re already all together in one pack!

This Grab & Go pack, however, is for working-mama me—I need art and school supplies for the home as well since my boys leave their art supplies in school. So when we do assignments and projects at home, I’m ready! Because I work, I don’t have time to just drop by the mall and buy what the kids need so I have to stock up. It really helps us working mamas to always be ready!

Here’s what I got from the store when I went shopping at the Glorietta branch with some mommy bloggers:

Kid Made Modern Crayon Gem. This is for my toddler, Piero. He loves it!

Leuchtturm journal because I always need a notebook to jot down my endless To-Do lists. And this is one of the best journals. I make it a point to elevate my experiences, especially the tedious ones, with beautiful things.

Golden clouds notepad because it’s so pretty! And it’s just P100. Grab it na, mommies! And my new discovery: Titus pen. I got this because it’s gold ink and it’s just P7.75. Where else can you buy gold for that price???
Post-it pad. Because reminders to myself never ends.

MEGA magazine and Celebrity Mom magazine. For all the waiting I do when I pick up my kids at school. Plus, I write for MEGA now.

Back-to-school season may be a really busy time, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. I like that at National Book Store, I get to experience convenience, find budget-friendly options, and even... wait for it... I get to shop online because you all know I love shopping online!

If you can’t find the time to go to the store, just shop online at their website,! Right now, there’s a dedicated back-to-school section where you can shop by grade level. You get to see the recommended supplies for each level, choose what you need, check out, and have the items delivered to your home. Orders worth P1,000 or above get free shipping. Here’s what I bought from the NBS online store:

The Steal Like an Artist Journal: A Notebook for Creative Kleptomaniacs and 365: A Daily Creativity Journal.

You can also call the delivery hotline 8888-627 if you’re too busy even for online shopping! Okay, mommies, good luck on your back-to-school shopping! I highly recommend National Book Store—affordable and fun finds, aircon pa!

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  1. I remember starting school in June! In here school is still going on. My son is in Year 2 (Grade 2) and school will end July. I cant wait for school to end and enjoy summer. I wish they have a National Bookstore here too. Bookstores here doesnt carry as much other stuff as National Bookstore.

    1. Oh my goodness! I haven't seen you around here forever. I'm so glad you're still around reading my blog =) Thanks for visiting again!


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