Wednesday, November 22, 2017

7 makeup products (+ 3 treatments!) that my oily skin loves

It's no secret that I've been battling acne for the last three decades. Because of Flawless Face & Body Clinic, my face is finally clear!!! Smooth and radiant for the first time in the longest time. Does this mean I've been cured? Well, no. I still need my monthly facials to manage my acne-prone skin. Notice I now say "acne-prone skin" and not "acne-ridden face." I'm soooo happy!

Anyway, since I'm still an oily-skinned woman (yes, even though I'm already 41), I'm here to share with you how I manage to look fantabulous even though my skin had suffered from oil, breakouts, dark pimple spots, and ice-pick scars. How? With the right makeup!

You'll be happy to know that I don't use a ton of products, too. Here they are, my tried-and-tested makeup for oily skin:

I only use primer when I have a whole day of events or when I have a speaking engagement. Primer creates a smooth base by filling up pitted scars and fine lines (acts like masilya haha) and also makes makeup adhere better, longer. I've tried a few primers. The Bobbi Brown Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector, P1,780, is my favorite. Two thumbs up for helping me look pore-less, line-less, and scar-less.

Available at Bobbi Brown boutiques

A huge perk of my job back then as editor at was we Calyxta girls could sample the tons of products our beauty website sells. I've been happy with Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation until one day, testers of L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR foundation dropped at Calyxta HQ. I tried it and our art director, Ming, said, "What are you wearing? You look great!"

This was a huge deal for me, guys, because when I was working at Calyxta, I couldn't do reviews that showed my face—I had sooo many pimples and dark scars. L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR foundation, P700, covered that all up! Even better, the foundation dries to a matte finish and my face stays shine-free all day long. I love it!

For really dark spots and for those days I hadn't gotten a good night's sleep (and when you're a mother, you never get any of that!), Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret Concealer, P349, always rescued me. Pink Sugar is a local brand. Yes!!! Support local!!! I love that it's local because its formula takes into consideration our tropical climate. This concealer covers all blemishes and it stays on those blemishes all day. This concealer does not budge! It comes in a tiny tube but that's okay because it's a thick product. Just a tiny bit goes a long way. I love it!

This is another fab find. I love the Malissa Kiss Super Black Ultra HD Eye Liner, P349. Malissa Kiss is a Thai brand. I used to skip eyeliner because it always smudges. Always! I always end up looking like a raccoon. But here comes this liquid eyeliner from Thailand, sporting an extremely fine point that makes for precision lining. The ink dries quickly so blinky-eyes me won't even need to fan my eyes for the liner to set. And when it sets, it's there forever. I love it!

Eyebrow Pen
Behold—the Malissa Kiss Super Shape Ultra HD Brow Pencil, P349! It's so easy to use. Just brush up brows with the built-in spoolie, then draw on your arches with the crayon on the other end. The crayon is waxy so it acts like a pomade and keeps brow hairs in place. Best part? The crayon is deeply pigmented, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and oily skin-proof. I love it!

Pressed Powder
Innisfree No Sebum Blur Pact, P759, is a revelation. It really does blur imperfections so that I look like I'm glowing (not shiny!). I use this to set my makeup and then I find that I don't need to powder my nose anymore, no matter how long my day is. The fine powder made from Jeju clay combined with other minerals absorbs oil and controls oil production, too. It's so amazing. I love it!

Blotting Paper
For extra hot days or if I want to freshen up, I don't even need to bring out my powder. I just use Happy Skin Tickled Pink Skin Perfecting Absorbent Charcoal Blotting Sheets, P149. It's my favorite because it's huge. When you have oily skin, it's oily everywhere, not just on the nose. So I appreciate how big the paper is because one sheet is enough to suck up the oil on my entire face. I love it!

I'm still looking for a mascara. When you have oily skin, the mascara smears on lower lids every time lashes brush against the oil. Yep. Think about eye makeup remover—what's it made of? Oil. And oil on my skin is abundant. So the search for mascara continues! If you have any recommendations, please share!

Now I want to happily say that as my skin improves with every visit at Flawless, I've found that I no longer need makeup. Oh yes, it's true! Shout out to my derma, dear Dr Boyles of Flawless SM Light, for taking care of my skin! I am super grateful. She walked me through my Flawless treatments—first the Advanced Acne Control Facial with Salicylic Acid Peel when my skin was volcanic; next was the Glycolic Acid Peel when my skin had calmed down, and now my Rejuvelite Facial (Acne Control) to maintain my now-almost-perfect skin!

We still need to address my ice-pick scars, and for that Dr Boyles recommends the Fractional Needling Therapy (FNT), which celebrities regularly get. It's a therapy that uses micro needles to resurface skin and push powerful skin-nourishing serums deep into the dermis. Because needles are involved, there's downtime—your face will be really red for days, which is why I haven't said yes to the FNT yet because as a working mama with no yayas and maids and who picks up my kids every day from school, I don't have the luxury of hiding away from the world as I wait for my face to heal. I should've done it during the ASEAN holiday!!! If I ever do FNT, I'll update you!

Meanwhile, I'm already happy with my pimple-free face and content that my fab makeup finds helps me achieve that flawless look!

This post is brought to you by Flawless Face & Body Clinic.


  1. Thanks for sharing your makeup products! Just what I needed! Will have to try the Pink Sugar concealer (and maybe Flawless facial treatments when I have more money na heheh) for my acne-ridden face :( and also cause people at the office have been saying I look tired (when in fact, hindi naman. mommy na lang talaga kaya always tired-looking heheh)

  2. Really getting curious about Innisfree's Sebum Powder. I will give it a try sometime :) Love reading your blogs!

  3. Honestly I only have three make up in my bag... Bb cream, lipstick and eyebrow .. Yun pa Lang Kasi Kaya ko iapply magisa and Minsan Nga feeling ko di ko p perfect Lalo na sa kilay... Thanks about your blog I have known Kung ano pa un mga kailangan ko Lalo n pag may important event... Isa Lang Kasi lagi itsura ko s mga pics...

  4. I'm 37 and I know what it's like to struggle with adult acne! I love how candid you are about it! I already have the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR foundation which I loooove. I'm intrigued by the Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret Concealer though! I've yet to find a concealer that lasts all day. Btw, Happiest Birthday month!

  5. Nasa late 30's na ako and I still have oily skin just like you. I have to try that foundation. Nag iisip rin ako kung yun isang brand ng concealer ang bibilhin ko or yun Pink Sugar. Thanks for sharing your faves!

  6. This blog helped me a lot lalo na super oily face ako. Pwede na pag prituhan ng egg. Hehehe

  7. I have been wanting a confirmation if I will give L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR foundation a try. It has been sitting on my cart for months! Until I read this. Now I am certain I will get it. Thanks, Frances!

  8. oh... thank you for sharing po... xoxo

  9. Thanks for sharing this. Eyeing on some products you posted since we have the same problem sa face. ��

  10. I love reading about your make up haul! I will get myself the Malissa Brow Pencil because kilay is life! Lol! Actually because grooming my kilay and putting on lipstick are just about all I can do when going out these days. Ganun pala pag nanay na haha!

    Maybe you can share a quick makeup routine too? 😊😊

  11. Malissa Kiss and Innisfree powder Looks promising but not too pricey...

  12. Salamat po sa mga best prodycts na ginagamit nyopo. Truly talagang effective po sya kasi gamit nyopo. Hmm, ako wala po akong ginagamit kasi di kopo alam kung ano ang best suits sa face ko mommy, pero sooner siguro I'll try po ung mga may reviews nyo :)

  13. I suddenly remembered my sister upon reading this blog post. Major problems nya kasi ang acne and we both look for effective solutions. Kasi parehas kaming mahilig mag makeup. We even do this as a way of bonding kaya di talaga namin kayang isakripisyo ang makeup kahit maraming nagsasabi na itigil nya muna pag mamake up dahil yun daw ang nakka cause. 😁 I might ask her to try some products here on this post. Happy to know that you are now acne free!! Hooray!

    For my mascara recommendation, nothinf beats maybelline mascara! Hypercurl to be exact! Been using that since forever and marami na kong buhay na nabago nung ni recommend ko sila sa iba. Chos! But try it Miss Frances! Affordable but the quality is awesome!

  14. So timely! Will note your recos for my super oily skin as well! I loooove Loreal Infallible! So amazing too! :)

  15. Oh wow! I have oily skin as well and had my fair share of acne-troubled times. These products look promising. I'm particularly interested in the concealer and eye liner. It's quite difficult to look for a concealer that could really conceal and within a mom's beauty budget haha. Thanks for this list!

  16. After completing my fall make-up lesson , I went to India for 2 weeks. On the way I lost my makeup bags. I bought this suddenly, as I need a good coverage foundation urgently. I was really amused with the formula and with the coverage.


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